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Dubbo City Animal Shelter (Pound)

From 1 July 2014 the Dubbo City Animal Shelter will no longer be managed by RSPCA and instead will be operated by Dubbo City Council.

The Dubbo City Animal Shelter is located along Boothenba Road, Dubbo. 

The Shelter is a safe haven for lost and stray cats and dogs, keeping them protected until their owner (or a new owner) can be found. Fees apply for the release of impounded animals and animals must be registered before release. Suitable unclaimed animals are re-homed through sales at the Shelter and through animal welfare organisations. 

After hours pens are available for drop-offs of lost and stray dogs and cats and are checked daily. Please complete the form when leaving animals as information provided can assist in finding the owner or re-homing the animal as soon as possible.

In accordance with the NSW Companion Animals Act identified animals are impounded for 14 days, unidentified animals are impounded for 7 days. 


Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday: 11.30 am - 1.30 pm

The Shelter is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

2015/2016 Fees

Microchipping - $32
Dangerous Dog signs - $50
Dangerous Dog collars S, M, L XL - $38-$52...

Impound fees:
Release - $30
Release (repeat offender) - $85
Maintenance - $27 / day

Vet Costs - actual cost + 12.5%

NSW Lifetime Registration:
By law all animals also must be microchipped ($32) and registered before leaving the Shelter. Registration fees are prescribed by the Companion Animals Act
Registration (not desexed) - $192
Registration (desexed) - $52
Registration (desexed, pensioner) - $21

Adoption Prices:
All animals are vet checked, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and registered.
Dog/Cat already desexed - $117 + rego*
Not already desexed:
Male dog - $286+ rego*
Female dog - $342 + rego*
Male cat - $196 + rego*
Female cat - $286 + rego*

*registration only required if animal is not already lifetime registered in NSW. Registration fee is currently $52 or $21 pensioner.

Contact us

Animal Shelter: 6882 1934

Ranger Services: 6801 4000


Street address: Corner Yarrandale and Boothenba roads, Dubbo

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Postal address: 
Dubbo City Animal Shelter
PO Box 81
Dubbo NSW 2830


Give an unwanted animal a new home - pets are available for adoption from the Dubbo City Animal Shelter.  Animals available can be viewed on our facebook page at



Many of our animals are also transferred to RSPCA and available for adoption through Dubbo Petbarn.  These can be viewed online at