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Environmental Rebates

There are currently limited incentives available for individual households through either the State or Federal governments.  There are financial incentives for the installation of solar panels through the clean energy regulator and are known as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC). Click here to open the Clean Energy Regulator website for more information.


Business Energy Efficiency Programs

The NSW Office of Environment and Herritage currently offer two business energy efficiency programs:

  1. Sustainability Advantage
    Designed for larger organisations to help them understand sustainability, manage for a better environment and add business value. More »
  2. Energy Saver for NSW Businesses

        Designed to support businesses in increasing their energy efficiency through technical and project support, toolkits and training. More »  

Origin Energy Efficiency Calculator

Use the Origin Energy Efficiency Calculator to find out how you can use energy and water more efficiently in your home, how different applicances affect your use and how you can save on your electricity bills.

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