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Saving water

Council encourages water conservation and is a partner of the savewater! alliance. Here are some tips to conserve water in the backyard:

  • Water only during the cooler part of the day
  • Avoid watering hard surfaces
  • Use a timer to prevent over watering
  • Use a trigger grip type hose nozzle

Water planning to secure Dubbo’s future

Dubbo City Council has taken steps towards adapting to a future with less water.  Three water saving options were shortlisted from 26 identified options and have been developed into business cases.  If these three options were to be implemented the City may have an additional 500 megalitres of water each year at a cost of less than $5 per kilolitre.  This is the equivalent to a 5% increase in the average annual water availability for the City in 2030. 

The three business cases are shown below:

The extension of existing bores water pipelines to supply untreated water to parks throughout the City.

Enhancing Dubbo's Irrigation System Enhancing Dubbo's Irrigation System (3598 KB)

The use of backwash water from the water treatment plant and the Aquatic Centre for the irrigation of additional parks and open spaces.

Reuse of Backwash Water Reuse of Backwash Water (3265 KB)

Demand management measures such as installing rainwater tanks on residential properties, as well as residential and business water efficiency measures.

Water Use Efficiency Water Use Efficiency (2497 KB)

The business cases will be used as the basis for seeking implementation funding from the Australian Government through its Strengthening Basin Communities program.  The project has been implemented thanks to $193,000 Commonwealth funding under the Strengthening Basin Communities program.


Savewater! in Your Home

Helpful hints and tips on saving water in your home.

How to save over 50L of water per day How to save over 50L of water per day (240 KB)

Water Efficient Showerheads Water Efficient Showerheads (309 KB)

Water Efficient Washing Machines Water Efficient Washing Machines (424 KB)

Installing a Rainwater Tank in NSW Installing a Rainwater Tank in NSW (237 KB)

Pools and Spas in NSW Pools and Spas in NSW (221 KB)

Visit for more information on saving water at home and in your community.

Savewater! Gardens

Drought tolerant plant lists for: backyard gardens, cottage gardens, formal gardens, mediterranean gardens, and subtropical gardens.

Savewater! Gardens Savewater! Gardens (2329 KB)

Sustaining Gardens in Dry Times Sustaining Gardens in Dry Times (3598 KB)

Savewater! for Kids

Visit - Australia's leading resource on water conservation - for ways to save water in industry, at home, at school, everywhere!

Mission H2O Colouring page Mission H2O Colouring page (179 KB)

Play Mission H20

Your mission: Water storages are at a critically low level, you have been assigned to the Wilson family household to save water.

Move through the house, exploring each room to discover water saving tips and hidden videos.

Play all eight games and submit your highest score to successfully complete your mission. online game

Play Mission CO2

"Mission CO2" makes sustainability fun and cool in a 3D interactive landscape, encouraging Australians to save wate and energy and reduce waste through online play whilst promoting a behavioural change in the real world.

The game features 7 characters, sustainability heroes known as the 'The Carbon Tradies' who share tips in their areas of expertise on saving water and energy in the home and garden, reducing waste and in choosing efficient transportation. online game


Visit for more details.