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Water usage

 The table below shows the residential water consumption over recent days:

 Thursday 25 August   94 L/person/day
 Wednesday 24 August  130 L/person/day
 Tuesday 23 August  112 L/person/day
 Monday 22 August  117 L/person/day
 Sunday 21 August   94 L/person/day
 Saturday 20 August  135 L/person/day
 Friday 19 August  160 L/person/day 
  Council has developed a procedure to estimate daily water consumption per person.

By reporting residential water consumption this way, Council hopes that Dubbo residents will be better informed about their actual water usage, and then be able to take steps to curb it if necessary.

At present, there are no water restrictions in force.
Previously, water restrictions commenced on Monday 1 December 2008 and finished on Saturday 28 February 2009.

Each level of Water Restrictions has a target daily residential use and the publication of this daily figure will give the community an idea on how it is performing against that target.

Dubbo City Council’s target was 400 litres/person/day whilst on Level 1 Water Restrictions.

How does water usage in Dubbo compare to other centres?

Dubbo has a hot dry climate compared to other parts of NSW. While Sydney receives precipitation of about 1,200mm per year on average, and Orange receives about 880mm, Dubbo only receives 580mm precipitation per year on average. Dubbo has higher temperatures and therefore greater evaporation of precipitation that does fall. In addition many houses in Dubbo are fitted with evaporative coolers. These are only effective in areas of low humidity. For that reason they are almost unknown on the coast. While these units use water they use much less electricity than the refridgerated air conditioners common on the coast.

How can I keep track of my water usage?

You can monitor your water usage simply by reading your water meter on a regular basis. By checking your meter regularly, you can keep a record of how much water you are using.

How to read your meter How to read your meter (351 KB)

Water Usage Compared to Permitted Water Usage (Water Licence)

The solid red line shows the cumulative water consumption that would just meet Dubbo's existing water extraction licences.  So that the City does not exceed the existing licence limits, the City water extraction must stay "below" this line.  The actual cumulative City water extraction each month is shown by the dotted line.

Water Usage 2014/2015 Water Usage 2014/2015 (31 KB)

Water Usage 2013/2014 Water Usage 2013/2014 (32 KB)