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Environmental Education

Many of Council's facilities, operations and projects demonstrate consideration of environmental issues.
Tours for schools and environmental interest groups can be arranged by contacting Council's Customer Service Centre of (02) 6801 4000.


Information and resources

Waste Management

  • Kerbside Garbage Collection
  • Kerbside Recycling Collection
  • High School Fact Sheet Series

Earth's Natural Resources Earth's Natural Resources (241 KB)

Landfill and Emmissions Landfill and Emmissions (1564 KB)

Problem with Plastic Problem with Plastic (932 KB)

Recycling Recycling (481 KB)

The E-Waste Menace The E-Waste Menace (623 KB)

Waste and Wildlife Waste and Wildlife (707 KB)

Waste Around The World Waste Around The World (161 KB)

Waste In Australia Waste In Australia (291 KB)

Waste Through The Ages Waste Through The Ages (668 KB)

Waste Energy Climate Waste Energy Climate (113 KB)

  • Wyhlandra Waster and Recycling Centre - No Deleterious Environmental Impacts 

Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre - No Deleteriuos Environmental Impacts Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre - No Deleteriuos Environmental Impacts (151 KB)

  • On-site Sewage Management and Monitoring (Septic) 
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant Tours





Salinity Management