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Biodiversity Garden

A photograph of the Biodiversity Garden at Dubbo City CouncilCouncil’s Parks and Landcare Division manages the Dubbo Botanic Gardens at Elizabeth Park in East Dubbo, which includes the Biodiversity Garden.

This Garden is an attempt to replicate some of Dubbo’s biodiversity in a small space.

The garden is designed to give visitors a taste of the range of habitats and plants which you will find when you venture into the parks and reserves of the Dubbo region.

Native grasslands flow into a grassy box woodland and on to a wetland. Council has also constructed a mound which simulates the natural change of plant communities over a ridgeline, with the deeper soils at the base growing Ironbarks, the slightly shallower soils mid-slope growing Red Stringybarks and the poor, shallower ridgetop soils reflected in the smaller stunted growth of the Green Mallee.

The path up the mound does contain some steps and will be difficult for visitors in wheelchairs.

Each of the areas you pass through is different, it contains different plants and offers different food and habitat opportunities for a range of animals and birds.

The entrance to the Biodiversity Garden is from Elizabeth Park.

Biodiversity Garden Biodiversity Garden (446 KB)