Audit Risk and Improvement Committee

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The Audit Risk and Improvement Committee is an advisory committee, formed to assisted the elected Council fulfill its oversight responsibilities.


The Audit Risk and Improvement Charter outlines the functions of the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee. Download a copy of the Charter; Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Charter

The Committee is mandated by section 428A:

  1. A council must appoint an Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.
  2. The Committee must keep under review the following aspects of the council’s operations:
    (a) compliance,
    (b) risk management,
    (c) fraud control,
    (d) financial management,
    (e) governance,
    (f) implementation of the strategic plan, delivery program and strategies,
    (g) service reviews,
    (h) collection of performance measurement data by the council,
    (i) any other matters prescribed by the regulations. 

Last Edited: 23 Oct 2023

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