Vision, purpose and values

Dubbo Regional Council was proclaimed by the NSW Government on 12 May 2016 following the amalgamation of the former Dubbo City and Wellington councils. An Administrator and Interim General Manager were appointed to oversee the implementation of the new council through the NSW Local Government Election, held on 9 September 2017.

Dubbo Regional Council's commitment is as follows;

  • A commitment to good governance, transparent and accountable practices.
  • A commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability.
  • A commitment to excellence, respect, integrity and to making a difference to our Local Government Area.

Our Vision

Great community, great council.

Our purpose

To make our community a great place to live, work and play.

Our values

To realise our purpose, all Councillors, officers and agents of Dubbo Regional Council are guided in the way that they behave by our values. In practice, behaving in a way that upholds our "eliite" values will result in long-term benefits by engendering collaboration among our community and ourselves:

  • Customer-focused: We are passionate about serving our community and creating a great place to live.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity and professionalism and we are accountable to deliver the results we promise.
  • One team: We work as one team and partner with others to deliver more than we can achieve alone.

Last Edited: 25 Sep 2017

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