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Council's online building and development forms are available here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Council.

Building Certificate (pdf 304.7KB)
Building Certificate application form
Combined Development Application/Construction Certificate (pdf 306.5KB)
Application to obtain both Development Consent and a Construction Certificate
Complying Development Certificate (pdf 408.1KB)
Complying Development Certificate application form
Construction Certificate (pdf 223.4KB)
Construction Certificate application form
Development Application (pdf 304.7KB)
Development Application form to be lodged with Dubbo Regional Council for development within both the Dubbo and Wellington areas.
Drainage Diagram (pdf 85.9KB)
Sanitary drainage diagram application form
Modification Application - DA, CC or CDC (pdf 257KB)
Application to modify a Development Application, Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate
Occupation Certificate (pdf 121.9KB)
Occupation Certificate application form
Outstanding Notices (pdf 578.9KB)
Outstanding Notices application form
Section 149 Certificate (Parts 2 and 5) and Sanitary Drainage Diagram (pdf 126.9KB)
Zoning Certificate and Sanitary Drainage Drainage application form
Sewage Management System Installation (pdf 156.8KB)
Application to install an Onsite Sewage Management System
Sewage Management System Operation (pdf 119KB)
Application to operate an Onsite Sewage Management System
Subdivision Certificate (pdf 121.3KB)
Subdivision Certificate application form
Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate (pdf 114.8KB)
Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate - Application for inspection of swimming pool

Last Edited: 02 Dec 2016

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