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Council's online building and development forms are available here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Council.

Amusement Device Application (pdf 91.3KB)
Application to install/operate amusement device
Amusement Device Application - Dubbo Show (pdf 34.2KB)
Application to install/operate amusement device at the Dubbo Show
Building Certificate (pdf 101.1KB)
Building Certificate application form
Bushfire Attack Level Certificate (pdf 169KB)
Bushfire Attack Level Certificate application form
Busking application (pdf 89.5KB)
Request for approval to busk using Council footpath and/or public place
Combined Development Application/Construction Certificate (pdf 306.5KB)
Application to obtain both Development Consent and a Construction Certificate
Complying Development Certificate (pdf 408.1KB)
Complying Development Certificate application form
Construction Certificate (pdf 221.7KB)
Construction Certificate application form
Development Application (pdf 304.7KB)
Development Application form to be lodged with Dubbo Regional Council for development within both the Dubbo and Wellington areas.
Drainage Diagram (pdf 88.4KB)
Sanitary drainage diagram application form
Footpath use application (pdf 107.6KB)
Request for approval to use Council footpath and/or public place
Heritage Funding - Standard Conditions (pdf 117.1KB)
Standard Conditions for Local Heritage Fund Assistance request
Installation of Manufactured Home, Moveable Dwelling, Rigid Annex or Associated Structure on a Caravan Park (pdf 108.1KB)
Application for approval to install a manufactured home, moveable dwelling, rigid annex or associated structure on a caravan park
Modification Application - DA, CC or CDC (pdf 257KB)
Application to modify a Development Application, Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate
Occupation Certificate (pdf 121.9KB)
Occupation Certificate application form
Outstanding Notices (pdf 579.8KB)
Outstanding Notices application form
Plumbing and Drainage Works (pdf 135.5KB)
Application form for Plumbing and Drainage Works and Stormwater Drainage Certificate
Section 138 Road Act Application (pdf 159.7KB)
Application Form to be used for crossovers, road and footpath construction work.
Section 149 Certificate (Parts 2 and 5) and Sanitary Drainage Diagram (pdf 109.2KB)
Zoning Certificate and Sanitary Drainage Drainage application form
Sewage Management System Installation (pdf 156.8KB)
Application to install an Onsite Sewage Management System
Sewage Management System Operation (pdf 129.7KB)
Application to operate an Onsite Sewage Management System
Statement of Environmental Effects - Minor Developments (pdf 907.8KB)
SEE for minor developments within the Dubbo and Wellington CBDs
Street trading application (pdf 154KB)
Request for approval to carry out street trading using Council footpath and/or public place
Subdivision Certificate (pdf 121.3KB)
Subdivision Certificate application form
Swimming Pool Inspection Request for Compliance Certificate (pdf 124.9KB)
Application form to request a swimming pool inspection for a Compliance Certificate

Last Edited: 17 Nov 2017

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