Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012

What is the Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012?

The Wellington Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 is a statutory document that guides land use planning and development.


The Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area has two Local Environmental Plans.  These are the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011, which commenced operation on 11 November 2011, and the Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012, which commenced operation on 23 November 2012.


The Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012 consists of a written document and a series of associated maps included as follows:

  • Land application map
  • Land zoning map
  • Low size map
  • Land reservation acquisition map
  • Heritage map
  • Flood planning map
  • Terrestrial biodiversity map
  • Riparian lands and watercourses map, Groundwater vulnerability map
  • Natural resource - Karst map


All land in the former Wellington LGA has been provided with a specific land use zone as included in the Plan.  Land use zones are broadly characterised in the following way:

  • Rural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Special use
  • Open space
  • Environmental

Land use zones included in the Plan are prepared based on the requirements and expectations of the community through land use strategies.  The role of a land use strategy is to work with the community to set a long term strategic vision of how certain areas in the City should over time.



All land use activities in Wellington are guided by the Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012.  Land use activities are specified in the Plan as the following:

  • Permitted without consent (an approval is not required to be obtained from Council or an Accredited Certifier*)
  • Permitted with consent (an approval is required to be obtained from Council or an Accredited Certifier*) 
  • Prohibited (an approval shall not be granted for the development)

Information on how you can apply to amend the Wellington LEP 2012 can be found here.



Wellington LEP 2012 Land Use Matrix

To assist your understanding of what category your development fits under, Council has developed a Wellington Land Use Zoning Matrix (PDF 265.8KB). The role of the matrix is to easily show what development type is permissible in each land use zone included in the Plan. 

However, please note that the Land Use Matrix is a guide only, provided as being correct as of 11 March 2016.  The Matrix does not form a statutory component of the Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012.


How can I obtain a copy of the Plan and maps?

 As the Plan is a statutory document approved by the State Government Minister for Planning and Environment, a copy of the Plan and maps can be downloaded from the NSW Legislation Website.

Hard copies are available for viewing and purchase at Council’s Civic Administration Building during normal office hours.


Former Wellington Local Environmental Plans

The former Wellington Local Environmental Plan 1995 can be found on the NSW Legislation Website.

Last Edited: 31 Oct 2016

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