Sewer Service Charges Review

What is a Sewer Discharge Factor?

A Sewer Discharge Factor (SDF) represents the percentage of the metered water consumption which is discharged to the sewerage system from a non-residential property. 

How is the SDF percentage determined?

The sewer discharge factor is the ratio of all wastewater discharged from a premises to the sewerage system to the total water consumption expressed as a percentage.

What is the process for having the SDF percentage reviewed?

A property owner may request a review of the SDF percentage if they believe the percentage of wastewater going to the sewerage system differs from the current SDF for the property.

A property owner must complete the Application for Variation of Sewer Discharge Factor and include adequate supporting evidence to substantiate how the customer has measured or calculated the actual volume of wastewater discharged to sewer to support a change in the SDF.

To submit an Application:

Complete the Application for Variation of Sewer Discharge Factor (PDF 700.2KB) and submit with supporting evidence by

  • Post to PO Box, 81 Dubbo NSW 2830,
  • In person to Council's Customer Service Centre cnr Church & Darling Street, Dubbo or cnr Namina Crescent & Warne Street, Wellington

When will the new SDF be adjusted on the account?

Any approved change to the Sewer Discharge Factor as a result of a review will commence from the next water billing cycle and be issued with the next quarterly Rates Notices, in April, July, October, and January each year.  Variations cannot be performed for previous water billing periods. Business owners can submit one (1) Application for Variation of Sewer Discharge Factor per financial year.

For new or re-developed commercial or industrial properties the SDF will apply from when the property is connected to the sewerage system or from when the re-development of the property confirming the type of business use has been verified.

More information

Please contact:

Water Supply & Sewerage Client Services branch
Dubbo Regional Council
(02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 29 Nov 2021

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