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The City Development Partnership Program aims to facilitate City marketing activity aligned with the City Development Delivery Plan, and provide scope for industry to leverage from campaigns and actions under the Plan.

The new innovative Program provides industry with the opportunity to gain greater market penetration and reach new audiences through receiving a bundle of offerings through investing in one single, cost-effective package.

 The integrated approach to industry promotion will allow businesses to reach consumers through a diverse range of channels (print, on-line, video, maps and out-of-home) with opportunities to collaborate in visitor, new resident and event attraction activities.

The Program offers extensive value for an affordable and resourceful investment, while ensuring local marketing dollars a directed back into the community.

To find out more about the City Development Partnership Program 206/2017 please visit or call 68014122

Unfortunately you have missed this boat for the 2016/17 City Development Partnership Program, but you can still join the Visitors Information Centre Partnership Program!



For as little as $6 a week your business can benefit from exposure on receives, on average, more than 17,000 unique visits per month. It is the go-to point for new and existing residents, investors, and visitors and the call-to-action on much of the City's marketing and promotional material. 

A listing on the Dubbo Directory and exposure on is just one benefit of the Dubbo Visitors Information Centre Program.

The Program provides the opportunity to promote your business at a level that suits you and offers the following:

Level 1 Full Partnership: 
Dubbo Visitors Information Centre Program 
Level 2 option 1 or 2: 
Dubbo Visitors Information Centre Program Choice  
$75 – $350
  • Profile on
  • Brochure display
  • Listing in-house guide
  • Quarterly update program*
  • Accommodation availability* 
  • Plus much more...
  • This opportunity is available to Dubbo LGA businesses only
  • (12 month partnership)
  • Purchase individual services separately
  • Select a level of partnership that suits your business
  • Plus much more...
  • Conditions apply
  • (12 month partnership)


To find out more visit Dubbo Visitor Information Centre Partnership Program 2016/2017

Last Edited: 09 Sep 2016

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