2022 Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey

community survey

The purpose of the Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey is to track Council’s performance in service delivery, identify priority areas and community needs and evaluate Council’s customer services and communication. The submission period for the 2022 Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey has now closed, information regarding results will be posted here when available.



Dubbo Regional Council have engaged independent research company Taverner Research (previously Iris Research) to conduct the Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey. Over the three weeks, researchers will call 600 adult residents throughout the region via a mix of mobile phone (around 60 per cent), and landline (around 40 per cent). Data will also be collected via an online survey, developed by Taverner and available through Council’s website. The data from the phone survey and the online survey will be compiled separately with two reports provided to Council once the survey field work is completed.  

Researchers will begin calling household and mobile numbers throughout Wellington, Dubbo and the surrounding villages in the Dubbo Regional Council LGA from Monday 14 February through until Sunday 27 February. The online survey will be available and open throughout the same period. The phone survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete with researchers asking a series of questions covering a wide range of services and topics relevant to Council and the needs of the community. The survey is anonymous and the raw data collected by researchers is then compiled to produce overall scores on a series of topics. The online survey takes around the same time.



Taverner Research will use publicly available contact information purchased through a commercial third party, and not provided by Council, to call residents during the survey period.


The 2019 Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey was completed in May 2019 and the final result, analysis and recommendations have been completed by IRIS Research. View the outcomes on Council's dedicated webpage 2019 Community Needs and Satisfaction Survey

Last Edited: 30 Mar 2023

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