Dubbo Regional Cycling Facility

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The Dubbo Regional Cycling Facility was built in 2020 and boasts a 400m flat track velodrome and a 1km sealed criterium track. The facility also includes building enhancements with function room, tiered covered grandstand, change room and amenities as well as canteen.

The Facility is located on River Street, Dubbo and is home to the Dubbo Cycle Club. The facility hosts the NSW Junior Track Championships each year.


During day light savings: hours of operation are 6am to 8pm.

Outside of day light savings: hours of operation are 6am to 6pm.

Seasonal user groups have first right to use of the facility, individuals must cooperate with user groups who hold bookings. Expand the Bookings section below to view allocated bookings.


Seasonal user groups have first right to use of the facility, individuals must cooperate with user groups who hold bookings.

For bookings and venue hire, please complete either:


Sporting Clubs

Sporting Club Winter - 1 April to 30 September Summer - 1 October to 31 March
Dubbo Cycle Club


Monday | 5pm - 9:30pm

Tuesday | 5pm - 9:30pm

Wednesday | 5pm - 9:30pm

Thursday | 5pm - 9:30pm

Friday | 5pm - 9:30pm

Saturday | 6am - 11am

Sunday | 6am - 11am


Monday | 4:30pm - 10pm

Tuesday | 6am - 10am

Tuesday | 4:30pm - 10pm (competition)

Wednesday | 4:30pm - 10pm

Thursday | 6am - 10am

Thursday | 4:30pm - 10pm

Saturday | 6am - 10am

Sunday | 6am - 10am


Dubbo Regional Council is focused on ensuring the safety, enjoyment and well-being of all athletic participants and spectators at the facility. As such Council requests that certain actions do not occur, whilst at the facility.

  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • No other vehicles permitted on track
  • No alcohol permitted between 9pm to 9am
  • No food or drink on track
  • No spectators or seating on track
  • Helmet required
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • No access to velodrome track whilst in use
  • Amenities will not be available


By entering this Council facility you acknowledge, agree and understand that as a user of this Council facility, you do so voluntarily of your own free will and at your own risk. Dubbo Regional Council and its servants and agents will not be liable for any personal injury or death arising out of or from your use of this facility or for any loss of or damage to your property occurring whilst using this facility. You agree to waive any and all rights that you, or any other person claiming through you, may have against Dubbo Regional Council in relation to any loss or injury (including death) that is suffered by you as a result of your use of this facility.

In consideration of Dubbo Regional Council allowing you to use this facility you, agree to indemnify Dubbo Regional Council against any claim or proceeding that is made, threatened or commenced and any liability, loss (including consequential loss and loss of profits), damages or expense (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) that Dubbo Regional Council incurs or suffers, as a direct or indirect result of your use of this facility.

Individuals are required to notify Dubbo Regional Council of any accident or incident as well as report any unsafe or damaged facilities within 24 hours via 02 6801 4000 or council@dubbo.nsw.gov.au

User groups hold seasonal bookings at the facility and have first right to use the facility during such times. Individuals are required to work around other user groups who hold a booking.

If Dubbo Regional Council staff are carrying out scheduled work at the facility individuals will be required to cooperate with staff when using the facility simultaneously.

Unauthorised commercial activities including the collection of money, sale of food and beverages, merchandise or services are not permitted without permission of Dubbo Regional Council.

Last Edited: 12 Jan 2024

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