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Planning an event worthy of a standing ovation doesn't need to be a stressful experience. Dubbo Regional Council has a proven record in event attraction, delivery and support. Our team can provide strategic advice, support and promotional opportunities to help maximise attendance and help make your event a great success.

Council's Events Unit offers significant support to new event activity, as well as support for time-honoured local events. The team's experience in the delivery of festivals, sporting events and conferences means that they have an acute understanding of your needs.

The event's team can arrange and facilitate:

  • Meetings with event organisers to discuss plans and timing
  • Site recces of the Region's various indoor and outdoor venues
  • Meetings with managers of Council-owned venues
  • Scoping meetings with key staff of Council providing specialised advice on matters such as approvals and traffic control.

other services include:



event organiser's toolbox

Event Starter Guide

The Event Starter Guide has been developed to assist event organisers who are planning an event in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area. You will gain a greater understanding of the many factors to consider for both the approval of and smooth functioning of events.

Event Starter Guide (PDF 3.1MB)

Major Event Application Form

The Major Event Application Form is required if you are staging your event on part of/or on a Council road, footpath, or park. This form does not require completion if the event is being held within a designated event venue. All annual events must re-submit this form for each event date.

Applications should be submitted between six (6) and twelve (12) months in advance. Before completing this form please refer to the above Event Starter Guide.

Major Event Application Form (PDF 685.3KB)

IMPORTANT: Are you staging your event on a road, or do you expect that your off road event will have an impact (parking, traffic congestion) on the road network? If so please also complete the Special Event Transport Management Plan.
This must be submitted alongside the Major Event Application Form at least six (6) months prior to your event.
It is important that you reference the Special Event Transport Management Plan in your Risk Management Plan as Council, RMS, and Police will need to sight to assess what actions you are taking to mitigate risk based on use or impact on the road network.

Special Event Transport Management Plan (PDF 1.8MB)

Market Application Form

Effective 1 July 2019, owners of markets wishing to conduct activity on public space (parks, footpaths, and reserves) across the Dubbo Region Local Government Area are required to submit an application form. New fees and charges effective 1 July 2019 also apply. If you are conducting an event that includes market activity please complete the Market Application Form.

Market Application Form (PDF 657.7KB)

Event Planning Templates

Application Forms


Funding Channels


Further information

For further information contact Dubbo Regional Council's Events Unit on (02) 6801 4000 or

Last Edited: 16 Jan 2020

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