Major Project Descriptions

Below is a list of projects that could potentially be funded by the Stronger Communities Fund - Major Projects.

Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

A decision on which projects will receive funding is expected in December 2016

Boundary Road Extension Stage 1 Wheelers Lane to Alexandrina Avenue

The construction of the extension of Boundary Road west from Wheelers Lane to Alexandrina Avenue, with a roundabout at each intersection. The length of single lane divided carriageway will be 610m. Estimated cost is $4,430,000 of which $3,300,000 is sought from the Stronger Communities Fund. The construction of the Boundary Road extension is a prerequisite to this land development proceeding expediently servicing both the Keswick and Southlakes Estates.
Council is well equipped to deliver this project with construction plans fully completed and environmental studies/approvals completed.

Boundary Road Stage 2 - Alexandrina Avenue to Sheraton Road

The construction of the extension of Boundary Road west from Alexandrina Avenue to Sheraton Road including a new roundabout at Sheraton Road intersection. The length of the two-lane carriageway will be 1km. Estimate of cost $3,776,600. This work would complete the important road link from south Dubbo to the schools, recreation and industry precinct on Sheraton Road. It will also allow for further expansion of Southlakes and Keswick Estates.

Cameron Park Regional Playground Upgrade

Upgrade the playground facilities at Cameron Park (Wellington) to a regional standard playground to improve facilities within the township. The Cameron Park (Wellington) playground was inspected by an independent third party (KidSafe) and was found to have in excess of 60 defects. These defects included multiple head and finger entrapments, as well as non-compliant items and soft fall. Due to the position of the playground (which would not meet Safer by Design standards) and its age it is not viable to spend money trying to bring it up to the Australian Standard. It is proposed to replace the existing playground with a higher standard facility to provide improved facilities to the community and help encourage travellers to stop in the town.

Carpark lighting - Install Smart Lighting in Off-street Carparking Areas Within the CBD at Holls Ave
Complaints have been received over time from the public regarding the total lack of lighting within the Holls Avenue off-street carpark. This creates a perception that the area is unsafe and particularly affects CBD workers in winter.  Smart lighting has technology that can increase the level of lighting when movement is detected thereby reducing consumption and increasing globe life. This builds on the CBD Ignite program that seeks to create a vibrant CBD for business and pleasure.

Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre - 25 Metre Indoor Pool
The former Dubbo City Council resolved in 2013 that the cost of preparing detailed construction plans for a 25 metre indoor pool at the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre in readiness for potential grant applications be investigated. The costs of this project are based on similar scale indoor pool facilities built at Orange and Bathurst in recent years. This project proposes to construct a new indoor, 8 lane, 25 metre pool enclosing the existing children’s aquatic play area. Building a 25 metre indoor pool to FINA standards creates the opportunity for Dubbo to secure indoor swimming events during winter. In addition a kiosk incorporated as part of the entry could create efficiency in staffing. Learn to swim programs could be run separately to the general community and swimming squad use of the 50 metre pool.

Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre - Water Play Park
There is a desire for families with young children to participate in aquatic play that is more than just swimming.  The Elston Park water play infrastructure, which is a very simple piece of infrastructure, is an example of this desire. It is proposed that an aquatic playground could be located where the existing Pool Manager’s residence is currently. This is planned for demolition within the next three years. This location improves efficiency due to the proximity to plant rooms and the water slide. Other regional and metropolitan aquatic centres have installed indoor water play elements that caters for young families. No other regional centre in the Central West has an aquatic playground of this scale. Aquatic playgrounds have less input costs than swimming pools as there is no opportunity for complete immersion. The experience from other centres has shown an increase in revenue from greater utilisation by family groups.

Dubbo City Regional Airport Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) Apron Extension
Provision of additional apron parking for RPT and General Aviation (GA) aircraft greater than 8,000kg. This is not an area covered by recent grant funding announcements for the Dubbo City Regional Airport. Due to the increase of the number of aircraft utilising the main RPT Apron it is necessary to provide more parking spaces for aircraft. Currently there are 4 RPT spaces on the main apron with 1 additional space for GA aircraft or RPT overflow. Aircraft that are greater than 8000kg can not park in the GA area. The apron extension would ensure compliance with CASA regulations.

Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden (DRBG) – Carpark
Construction of a gravel carpark and bus parking area to provide off street parking for visitors to the Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden.
Council has been developing the DRBG since the original master plan was adopted in 1997. One of its major limiting factors is the lack of an off-street, all weather (gravel) carpark. It is proposed to construct this carpark on the western side of the existing internal road way to make this site more accessible for disabled persons and the general public. During wet weather Council has been forced to close the access road within the park due to visitors’ cars getting bogged and being required to be towed out. This is in contrast to the high quality experiences offered in the Shoyoen Gardens and the like.

Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden (DRBG) Adventure Playground
Council has been progressively developing the Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden since the adoption of the original master plan in 1997. To date approximately 25% of the site has been developed and attracts approximately 55,000 visitors per year. Visitation rates to the garden could be increased by at least 100% if a suitable Regional Standard playground could be installed. Plans have developed to construct a nature based play space for children with supporting facilities such as a kiosk. With an increasing incidence of obesity, diabetes and heart disease exercise has been demonstrated through the scientific literature to be extremely effective at reducing and delaying the onset of many diseases. A senior gym area is also proposed to encourage  more senior members of our community to remain active and fit.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
Large Sliding Divider Door and External Signage
The large sliding divider door in the Convention Centre is no longer suitable for purpose. An upgrade will improve levels of service for community, business and entertainment needs. The Convention Centre is regarded as a central community meeting place accommodating 750 people theatre style, 500 people banquet style, or half hall 300 people theatre style and 190 people banquet style. Currently many requests from hirers and potential hirers are unable to be fulfilled due to the age, ineffectiveness and safety issues of the large sliding divider door affecting revenue opportunities.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
Backstage and Break Out Rooms
To provide break-out/meeting rooms by reducing the existing stage size. Refurbishing the stage and equipment.
Major hirers for conventions and conferences require break out rooms for supplementary discussions for attendees. A typical structure of conferences is to have large auditorium sessions and then the audience breaks up into smaller scale sessions/ workshops.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
New Toilets and Amenities 
Upgrade toilets and increase total number of toilets including accessible toilets as per current Building Code of Australia Standards. 
The current number of toilets does not meet the current Building Code of Australia standards for the capacity of the venue. Whilst Council is not forced to upgrade buildings in accordance with updates to the BCA, should any upgrade occur within the facility then it is a likely requirement to upgrade the provision of amenities.
The toilets in the Convention Centre are outdated and fall well below the expectations of potential hirers and attendees of high end events.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
Main Hall upgrade – Macquarie Auditorium

Upgrade of the Macquarie Auditorium to improve levels of service and enable hirers' expectations and needs to be met in an efficient and safe environment. Many productions and conferences that could utilise the Convention Centre are unable due to a lack of infrastructure. Many aspects of the building are not compliant with current Work Health and Safety requirements such as the orchestra lift.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
Separate Entrance to the Oxley Room
To create an entrance to the Oxley Room from the foyer of the Convention Centre to utilise the existing Oxley Room Bar for Convention Centre events and to increase flexibility of use of the Oxley Room.
The Oxley Room is used as a standalone venue for meetings and training events and also as an adjunct to the Convention Centre and the Theatre. An entry from the Convention Centre would make better use of the bar facilities. Also opening the Theatre Foyer is problematic when there is another event in the Theatre. When there is not an event in the Theatre opening the Theatre Foyer for access incurs costs in security, cleaning, lighting and air-conditioning.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) - Convention Centre
Convention Centre Foyer Entrance, Air-conditioning and New Ceiling
To provide an entry to the Convention Centre distinct from the Theatre entry will provide the Convention Centre with its own presence in the precinct. A dedicated entrance is required for a clear flow of people traffic straight into the Convention Centre foyer for drinks/exhibition booths/registration for events. The aim is to duplicate the automatic glass sliding doors of the Theatre in the Convention Centre entrance and provide a separate entry with with air-conditioning to ensure comfort levels of attendees and clients.

Dubbo State Emergency Service Local Unit Headquarters
Construction of a new purpose designed headquarters for the Dubbo SES Unit to be located at the Emergency Services Precinct at Dubbo City Regional Airport. The proposed building is estimated to cost $2,000,000.
The Dubbo Local SES Unit Headquarters is located in premises located on the former Dubbo Council Store site in Depot Road. The building has been internally fitted out to accommodate the SES Unit but has inherent structural and roofing problems which are expensive to repair and is therefore not a satisfactory environment. The cost of this project at $2,000,000 is currently unfunded and is totally reliant on grant funding to make up the difference of the proceeds from the sale of the current site which is estimated could yield $450,000.

Equine Transit Resting Facility - Dubbo Showground
The focus of the project is to provide a facility for resting stud horses largely travelling between Melbourne and Brisbane which provides a resting mechanism required for animal welfare as well as transport chain of responsibility. The project would have a capacity for 100 horses consisting of construction of a new shed (1,200sqm) with 4 rows of 25 stables. Construction would include a steel frame, metal roof, with open sides and concrete floor and prefabbed stabling constructed of steel and Perspex. The facility will create an additional revenue source for the Showground Function and provide access to other business to be undertaken on site including farrier services, vets, equine chiropractors and general equine services. This facility would also be a marketing feature to entice, Regional and National Events to Dubbo.

Euchareena Local Projects
Undertake installation of a playground, cemetery fencing and gravel laneway access at Euchareena. Works would include constructing a new playground equipment including soft fall to address a current lack of playground infrastructure in the Euchareena district, providing a 180m gravelled laneway to the Public School to provide safe passage for students by not walking on the road and also provide ambulance access, install new Cemetery fencing with an iron Bark post and rail at the entrance, double gate access and perimeter fencing.

Geurie Multi Court Facility and Playground Equipment
The Geurie tennis courts have recently been upgraded from two asphalt courts to synthetic grass with improved drainage and fencing. The back two asphalt courts were not improved and are not able to be used due to significant surface damage.
This is an opportunity to resurface these back courts to a multi sport court and include hoops, backboards and line marking. There is also an opportunity to re-fence this area completing the facility. Improved fencing would tie into the front two tennis courts improving visual amenity.

Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) - Installation of a new GPT to be located at the West Dubbo Main Drain Outfall into the Macquarie River
This is considered the priority location for Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) installation within the urban area of Dubbo. The Dubbo community has over recent years expressed dissatisfaction with the gross pollutants entering the Macquarie River – this included public meetings facilitated by Council to establish priorities for addressing the environmental health of the river. The GPT would trap items such as bottles, plastic, leaf litter and packaging. Council would have a relatively small increase in operating costs to ensure the GPTs are serviced appropriately.

Historic Wellington Police Station and Gaol
The former Wellington Police Station and Gaol is of State heritage significance for its historical associations, aesthetic qualities, social values and rarity as one of the few remaining rural police station and small gaol complexes dating from the mid-19th century.
A Heritage Conservation Management Plan prepared in 2016 provided recommendations for the future use of the site along with a schedule of maintenance and conservation works. The proposal seeks to fund necessary conservation works which will preserve the heritage asset whilst a strategic review is planned for all heritage/museum and visitor destination assets is undertaken by Dubbo Regional Council.

Moxon Park Improvements - Stuart Town
Undertake improvements to playground soft fall, fencing and paths in Moxon Park, Stuart Town.This is an opportunity to finalise works at Moxon Park previously funded under a Village Beautification Program. Works proposed include: a new 701m iron bark back fence, new soft fall underneath the play equipment and a crushed granite walkway established to provide linkage between Moxon Park to Boehmes Hall.

New Sport Fields (Borderd by Tamworth, Blight and Macquarie Streets, Dubbo)
Due to increases in registrations / participation in soccer and cricket there is an increasing demand for new facilities. This project would secure the long term viability of these sports and importantly also provide Dubbo the opportunity to secure two major Touch Football Carnivals for a number of years that will deliver substantial economic boosts to the City and region. These two events are the State NSW Junior & Open Touch Football Titles. To host these titles you require around 29 touch fields. Preliminary discussions with NSW Touch has indicated that Council is well positioned to be awarded the event for a number of years if these fields were constructed.

Rygate Park Stage 2 Upgrade
To undertake Stage 2 works including new amenities and change rooms, storage facilities and fencing. This facility is widely used by Wellington community via groups such as Little Athletics, Touch Football, Rugby Union, cricket and schools.
This project is Stage 2 of the Rygate Park redevelopment project that has been identified by user groups and other sporting bodies. This project replaces ageing inefficient infrastructure with new and more versatile facilities.
Construction of storage facilities and a new amenities block including change rooms and meeting would address the aged and outdated existing infrastructure. It would allow for the creation of adequate storage and the subsequent removal of a shipping container. It would also include the relocation of water and sewer reticulation to new buildings. 

Road Network Flood Damage Resilience Program (Not covered by Natural Disaster Relief Program Funding)
Undertaking structural and drainage improvements to those sections of the road network impacted by the incessant wet period during the winter and Spring of 2016 resulting in pavement failure due to saturated sub base or sub grade. Being works of an improvement nature, these works are not eligible for National Disaster Relief Funding, but are vitally important in integrating resilience within the road asset to protect against future damage from extraordinarily wet seasons.
Roads which would be included in this project are Boothenba Road (east of Yarrandale Road), Wheelers Lane (Myall Street to Birch Avenue), Sheraton Road near Holcim Quarry and sections of Cobbora Road, Burrendong Way and Goolma Road.

Sandy Beach Boatshed – Transformation of Old Amenity Building

The conversion of the Sandy Beach Amenities block into a boat shed to be shared by Dubbo Canoe Club and the Outback Dragons Dragon Boat Club.
Both the canoe and dragon boat clubs currently store boats, vests and paddles in transportable storage containers adjacent to the oversized amenities block. 
This project would transform and extend the existing brick structure to accommodate all dragon boat and canoe club boats and ancillary equipment, thereby allowing the removal of three shipping containers from an increasingly busy riverbank precinct.
The proposal would see the establishment of two unisex toilet cubicles in the area currently set aside for storage with the remainder of the building gutted and extended to allow sufficient space to securely store all current dragon boats and canoes.

Victoria Park 2 & 3 Car Park
To upgrade the current earth informal parking spaces available between the regional sporting grounds of Victoria Ovals Number 2 and 3. The upgrade consists of asphalting the area, applying Water Sensitive Urban Design to utilise stormwater to irrigate trees and line marking for cars and pedestrians. These sporting fields host state level events for cricket and rugby union and are among the most heavily utilised sporting assets given their lighting infrastructure available for winter training.

Wellington Caves Dormitory Accommodation For Schools and Groups
Design and construction of an accommodation facility which specifically caters for the school and group market. Currently the accommodation offering (Caves suites, Golf view suites and Cabins) are tailored towards families, couples, individuals and small groups.
Existing accommodation options limit groups of over 50 people. 35 individuals can be accommodated (5x7) in the caves units and 28 individuals (4x7) in the golf view with some over flow into park cabins. Depending on the number of male and female students and accompanying male/female teachers or parents and the availability due to public bookings, it is difficult to accommodate medium to large groups and particularly school groups. Due to the layout of the site, groups larger than roughly 20-30 have to spread across the park and for supervision reasons this is not favoured by teachers or schools.

Wellington Caves Caravan Park Playground and Storage Shed

This project is to provide additional playground equipment to the Caravan Park and a storage facility.
Works would include a new 10x8m storage shed for the storage of materials used at the Caves and Caravan Park and installation of new playground equipment to add to the family atmosphere of the Caves for those staying at the facility.
The addition of playground equipment will value add to the attraction and accommodation at the complex providing a better customer experience for all ages with the range of activities now provided. Improved storage will add to the visual amenity of the complex.

Wellington Caves Visitor Experience Centre
This project involves the development and construction of a new Visitor Experience Centre at the Wellington Caves Reserve that will: 

Provide a state of the art visitor experience for guests
Provide a space for educational experiences and research through the creation of a Discovery Lab
Protect and conserve historic artifacts, fossils and material collected from the Wellington Caves Reserve
Catalogue and house all the written material pertaining to the history and scientific research of the Wellington Caves Reserve 
Construction of the new facility will also allow for the redevelopment of the existing Visitor Information Centre into a historic display on the history of the Wellington Caves Reserve

Wellington Pool re-construction
Dubbo Regional Council has undertaken an assessment of the structural stability of the Wellington Pool. This is because previously over $50,000 had been spent purchasing potable water to top of the pool due to leakages. A subsequent structural engineering investigation reported that the walls of the main pool were structurally unsound requiring remediation work that would not be a long term solution. As a result Council is now planning for a complete rebuild of a Wellington based aquatic facility for an estimated cost of $7.5 million. The project is seeking $3 million from the Stronger Communities Fund with the balance to be funded from the un-allocated asset maintenance restricted asset of the former Wellington Council.

Western Plains Cultural Centre - Large Object Storage for WPCC collection
Construction of a storage shed and associated storage and access areas to hold large objects from the WPCC collection.
The largest outcome will be in the preservation of Dubbo’s material cultural heritage. Large objects in the WPCC collection cannot be stored on site and are kept in temporary storage at the Dubbo City Regional Airport. This storage is nether completely secure, climate controlled to any extant or able to be kept free from vermin and other animals.
The proposed new storage facility will allow the WPCC to make these objects available for public viewing and to conserve them for later use. The proposed location of the storage facility is at the Dubbo Showground.

Wiradjuri Park - Aboriginal Cultural Park
Development of Wiradjuri Park (North West of Serisier Bridge) into a cultural park that recognises and celebrates Aboriginal heritage, culture and diversity.
Significant consultation was held with the local Aboriginal community of Dubbo and the broader community in regards to creating a place to mark important dates within the Indigenous calendar, a place to provide a focus for Indigenous tourism in Dubbo and the region and an information space that celebrates and recognises the Aboriginal heritage of Dubbo.
This project can be developed in stages and therefore smaller amounts of funds could be dedicated to the project.

Last Edited: 15 Nov 2016

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