Council’s Financial Assistance Program

Dubbo Regional Council provides assistance to community groups, organisations and events via six (6) funding channels each designed to achieve distinct outcomes.

Each channel is framed under the Financial Assistance Policy to ensure that Council adheres to ICAC and Department of Local Government probity issues including: 

  • Transparency of process

  • Accountability and monitoring, and

  • Obtaining value for money.

Adherence to these issues is undertaken via evaluation processes tailored for each channel, each ensuring that are supported by transactional and answerable decision making.

The six (6) channels of funding are as follows:



Event Development Fund

To assist build and grow local events and aid in creating a robust and sustainable events industry

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Major Event Sponsor Program

To help drive economic benefits for the region

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Community Service Fund

Donations related to the requirements of Section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993 whereby Council may contribute money or otherwise grant financial assistance to persons for the purpose of exercising its functions.

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Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Grant aims to ease the financial burden of not-for-profit organisations that contribute to the creation or enhancement of the community’s well-being and amenity

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Corporate Sponsorship Program

Financial assistance for projects and programs that support Council in the delivery of actions under the Community Strategic Plan

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Chief Executive Officer’s Sponsorship Fund

Assist not-for-profit events to access fees/charges of Council venues/services

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Last Edited: 11 May 2020

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