Residential Water Restrictions

LEVEL 4 Water Restrictions are currently in force within the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area.

All Level activity restrictions can be viewed in the Water Restrictions Flyer. (PDF 50KB)

Information and advice to save water around your home can be found on our Save Water webpage.  

Under Level 4 water restrictions, households can water outdoors as follows:

  • A maximum of 30 minutes (total) on Wednesdays and a maximum of 30 minutes (total) on Sundays.
  • Watering is to be outside the heat of the day – the heat of the day is defined as between 9:00am and 6:00pm (so you can choose to water for a maximum of 30 minutes either before 9:00am or after 6:00pm on the two watering days).
  • Only one water outlet may be used at any one time. For instance, your irrigation system, or a hand held hose, or sprinkler etc. You cannot water from multiple outlets at the same time.
  • For multi-station / multi-zone irrigation systems, the maximum 30 minutes is the total watering time permitted, it does not mean 30 minutes for each station / zone.

For example, if your system has six (6) stations / zones around your property you may want to set each station / zone to five (5) minute for an even distribution of water.

Watering outdoors covers both lawns and gardens, so households now have the choice to water their garden or their lawn or a combination of both – up to the maximum 30 minutes (total) each watering day. There is also the choice not to water at all.

Watering of new turf is permitted under Level 1, 2 and 3 Water Restrictions. Applications for watering of new turf will not be permitted during level 5 and 6 water restrictions.

Under Level 4 Water Restrictions, watering of new turf (maximum area 50m2) for establishment may be permitted. 

A new turf watering plan must be submitted and aproved by Council. 
To obtain approval for watering of new turf, please complete the Application - New Turf Watering Plan (PDF 186.2KB) and submit to Council.

In accordance with Council’s current Drought Management Plan, the following apply under Level 4 water restrictions:

  • Topping up of private and public pools/spas is permitted, provided pool covers are used.

  • Council permission must be obtained for first fill of swimming pools or spas.

To obtain Approval for first fill, please complete the Application Form - First Fill of Swimming Pool/Spa (PDF 548.2KB) and submit to Council.

Council will provide written notification if your application for first fill is approved. You will be required to provide the letter as evidence, if requested by Council staff.

Council takes reports of water restriction breaches seriously and has a process in place to investigate these reports. If you wish to report a suspected water restriction breach, please complete the following form. 

Council staff will be monitoring compliance with the restriction activities. Failure to comply with restriction activities can result in on the spot fines of $220.00, under the Local Government Act 1993 No 30 (Sections 679637).

Report a suspected water restriction breach

Download this handy Do's and Don'ts guide into your mobile.   Do's and Don'ts (JPG 2.5MB)



Last Edited: 17 Dec 2019

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