Bin collection

Council manages the waste and recycling services of Dubbo, Wellington and surrounding villages. At the moment, for households within the kerbside collection area, your garbage bins are serviced weekly and recycling bins are serviced fortnightly on the same day of the week as your garbage bins. Additional services can be requested by contacting Council with the cost simply added to your rate notice. There are changes to the kerbside waste collection service, which will come into effect July 1st. All residents will be updated in coming weeks. If you are a new resident or you have a damaged bin, please contact Customer Service on 6801 4000.

Learn more about your bin service here.

Bin Collection Days

Dubbo Urban Garbage Collection (PDF 1MB)

Dubbo Rural Garbage Collection (PDF 1.3MB)

Wellington Town Garbage Collection (PDF 601.1KB)

For residences outside Council's kerbside waste collection area, there is the Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre, Wellington Waste Transfer Station and Rural Waste Transfer Stations located at Eumungerie, Ballimore and Toongi.

Missed bin collections

Please contact us or (02) 6801 4000  to report a missed bin collection and we will endeavour to arrange another collection.

Provision of Bins

  • Supply and maintenance of garbage bin(s) is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant.
  • 120, 140 and 240 litre size bins are acceptable.
  • Council will repair bins that have been damaged while being emptied by a Council garbage collection vehicle.
  • Councils will not replace bins that have been stolen or damaged by vandals.
  • Recycling bins are allocated to each property and shall remain on the premises in the event of a change of property ownership or tenancy.
  • Recycling bins are provided by Council's Recycling Collection Contractor (JR Richards and Sons).
  • The bins are 240 litre size and have yellow lids and dark green bodies with a NetWaste logo embossed in the body.
  • Recycling bins are the property of Council's contractor, with their on-going repair and replacement carried out by the contractor.

 Bin placement for collection

  • Have handles and wheels of your bin facing your house.
  • Place the bin on the footpath about half a metre from back of kerb.
  • Place your recycling and garbage bins at least one metre apart and clear of cars, trees and other obstacles.
  • Don't overfill your bin or place anything on top of your bin.
  • Place your bin out for collection the evening before.
  • 240, 140 and 120 litre wheelie bins are acceptable. 

What cannot go in your bins

  • Hot ashes.
  • Bulky or heavy yard and builders waste.
  • Chemical and liquids (eg solvents and paint).
  • Toxic, corrosive or flammable materials.

Commercial kerbside waste management service

Commercial properties choosing to pay for and receive a Council provided Kerbside Waste Management Service will receive (as a minimum) one fortnightly recycling collection and one weekly garbage collection (annual charge $300/service in 2014/2015 - subject to Council adopting 2014/2015 Revenue Policy).

Those commercial properties receiving the minimum service are permitted the flexibility of being able to pay for and receive as many additional weekly garbage collections (annual charge $187.80/service in 2014/2015) and/or fortnightly recycling collections (annual charge $112.20/service in 2014/2015) as required.

Commercial Waste Management Guide (PDF 1.4MB)

More information

Contact us for more information. 

Last Edited: 16 Mar 2018