Dog Parks and Leash-Free Areas

Your dogs should always be kept secured on a leash when in public areas for the safety of your dog and other users.  All walkways and cycleways require dogs to be secured. Council provides several areas where owners can take their dogs for a run off the leash. These include three fenced areas that include agility equipment.

To ensure all of these areas are safe and friendly for everyone, there are some rules governing their use. 

Whilst dogs are permitted off the leash in these areas, owners are still legally liable for any damage or attacks that their dog may commit.

Leash-free brochure (PDF 367KB)

Rules for using Leash-Free AreasIMG_1871c

  • No declared dangerous or menacing dogs or restricted breeds;

  • No greyhounds;

  • Only two dogs to be off the leash at any one time;

  • Be considerate and share the use of the facility;

  • Owners must clean up after their dogs;

  • Vaccinations must be current; and

  • Dogs must always be under the effective control of a competent person who is over 16 years of age.

Leash-Free Locations - Dubbo

  1. Bourke HillIMG_1540cmp

  2. Devil's Hole

  3. Mountbatten Drive

  4. Wheelers Lane - Fenced

  5. Pegasus Pl - Myall St

  6. South Dubbo - Fenced

  7. Tracker Riley (off track under the L H Ford Bridge, east)

  8. TAFE Reserve - Joan Flint Park

  9. Tracker Riley (off track near the Railway Bridge, west)

  10. Tracker Riley (off track/riverbank -Tamworth Street Footbridge, west) IMG_1861

  11. Springfield Way

  12. Caroline Reserve

  13. Joira Road

  14. Dalbeattie Cres - Fenced 

Leash-Free Locations - Wellington

  1. John Oxley Park

  2. Apex Park

Last Edited: 22 Nov 2021

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