Recycling and reducing waste

Kerbside Recycling Collection

How the Service Works
  • In a joint initiative Council and Narromine Shire Council have engaged JR Richards and Sons to provide each household with a kerbside recycling service.
  • The recycling service uses 240 litre wheelie binds with the YELLOW LID and NetWaste logo on the body of the bin.
  • Your GARBAGE BIN will be serviced weekly, as normal.
  • Your recycling bin will be serviced every FORTNIGHT, on the same day of the week as your garbage bin.
  • To find out which fortnight your recycling bin gets picked up please refer to the Waste and Recycling Services Calendar

2017/2018 Recycling Calendar (PDF 1MB)

How to place your bins out for collection
  • Bins must be placed at the kerb by the evening prior to your collection day.
  • On recycling collection days, place bins at least one (1) metre apart and clear of cars, trees and other objects.
  • Bin lids should be closed properly with nothing protruding from the top.
  • In urban areas, place your bins on the footpath no more than one (1) metre from the kerb with the bin openings facing the road. in rural areas, place your recycling bin next to where you normally position your garbage bin for collection.
To recycle correctly place the following recyclable products in your yellow lidded RECYCLING bin:
  • Paper and cardboard - newspapers, magazines, milk/juice cartons, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes.
  • Plastic containers - soft drink bottles, plastic milk bottles, yoghurt containers, ice cream containers, butter/margarine containers, take way food containers and all other rigid plastic containers from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
  • Steel containers - food cans, aerosol cans, jar lids, coffee tins, pet food cans.
  • Aluminium containers - soft drink/beer cans, clean foil, aerosol cans.
  • Glass bottles and jars - all colours.

Remember, any other items placed in your recycling bin are contaminants. Loads of recycling which contain contaminants risk being rejected at the material recovery facility and being consigned to landfill.

As usual, your GARBAGE BIN is for all general waste products and kitchen scraps.

Examples of general waste products are:

  • General household garbage
  • Plastic bags and other non-recyclable plastics
  • Foam trays including meat trays
  • Pyrex, ceramics or pottery
  • Any glass except bottles and jars (including plate glass, windows, mirrors, drinking glasses)
  • Broken toys
  • Used nappies
  • Clothes and rags
  • Plastic buckets

Recycling Hints

  • Flatten plastic and cardboard containers to make room in your recycling bin
  • Remove all lids from bottles and containers, placing lids in your garbage bin
  • Wipe out or rinse recyclable containers in old washing up water before placing them in the recycling bin
  • DO NOT place items in plastic bags as they CANNOT be recycled in this bin

Composting/Worm Farms

Waste collected from your garbage bin is buried at Council's landfill. As the organic (biodegradable) part of your garbage breaks down methane gas is produced.

Methane is a strong greenhouse gas which is harmful to our environment.

Composting and worm farming are useful and beneficial activities that can reduce your impact on the environment by reducing the amount of organic waste disposed to landfill.

Household waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, leaves and garden prunings can be diverted to a compost heap or worm farm. Using compost on your garden saves water and fertilizer.

To find out more about recycling your green waste, refer to the 'Recycling Your Green Waste' fact sheet.

Recycling Your Green Waste (PDF 328.2KB)

Drop-Off Centres

Recyclable drop-off centres where you can leave your recyclables free of charge:

  • Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre, Cooba Road
  • Fitzroy Street, North Dubbo (JR Richards and Sons)
  • In the villages of Wongarbon (Derribong Street, near Bushfire Brigade Depot), Ballimore (Federation Street) and Eumungerie (Wheaton Street) and at the Wambangalang Field Studies Centre

What you can recycle at drop-off centres:      

  • Glass bottles and jars (rinse and remove the lids first)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans (rinse them first)
  • Empty aerosols
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Rigid plastic containers
  • Cardboard boxes, milk and juice cartons, newspapers, magazines and office paper.

What not to recycle at drop-off centres: 

  • Food scraps
  • Light globes, mirrors, plate glass and crockery
  • Foam
  • Plastic bags, buckets, cling wrap and bubble wrap.

Waste recycling and reuse directory

Private businesses operate within the City of Dubbo that provide recycling services for the collection of recyclables including paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (ie whitegoods, car bodies, scrap metals, etc) and plastics directly from the public.

Clothing and household items are accepted at the following charity organisations:

St Vincent de Paul
126 Brisbane Street, Dubbo
Phone: 6882 2845

Salvation Army
219 Darling Street, Dubbo
Phone: 6884 1751

Lillimur Opportunity Shop
122 Brisbane Street, Dubbo
Phone: 6884 9210

Emmanuel Care Centre
151 Talbragar Street, Dubbo
Phone: 6882 6755


For more information, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 6801 4000.


Last Edited: 08 Dec 2017