How to buy a cemetery plot

COVID-19 advice:

Under NSW Government public health order, cemeteries are not required to close.

Residents in New South Wales are permitted to leave home for compassionate reasons, people can have short visits to a grave site to pay respects and mourn a loved one. In certain circumstances, such as an anniversary of a deceased child, or where a close family member has recently died, visiting a gravesite would be considered compassionate.

A group of people who live in the same house may gather outdoors. Otherwise, outdoor gatherings are limited to two people. Masks must be worn outdoors in declared areas.

Council has QR codes as most cemeteries entry and exits, we ask that visitors check in, as you would any other facility, maintain 1.5 metre physical distance and abide by other COVID-19 requirements.

Funerals remain capped at a maximum of 10 attendees, plus necessary funeral staff.




There are several cemetery locations in the local government area managed by Council and two ways in which you can purchase a cemetery plot. Contact Council to select a site for a burial plot or if you know the details already, submit the Burial Permit Application Form

How much is the plot?

Costs change from year to year with the Revenue Policy.

In 2021/2022 the plot cost (not including interment fee) is:

  • New Dubbo Cemetery - $1,696 per plot and $640 for Ashes Garden 
  • Wellington Lawn Cemetery - $1,508 per plot and $377 for Ashes in Rose Garden or Memorial Garden
  • All Village Cemeteries - $1,341 
  • All Niches in Columbarium Walls - $424

Payment methods and plans 

  • You can pay up front at time of selection. Make this payment to Council. Alternate payment plan may be available, please seek further advice from Council Cemetery team. 

Depth of plot?

  • Dubbo & District Cemeteries - Single or double depth can be chosen at the time of the burial by the family. The cost of the double depth is in the digging fee at the time of the funeral.
  • Wellington and Village Cemeteries - Single or double depth can be chosen at the time of the burial by the family.  It is sometimes determined in a Village Cemetery that the ground is too difficult to excavate double depth in the area requested. Families will be notified by the Council and/or the Funeral Director if this occurs.

Where can I have the plot?

Near a loved one or friend, near an internal roadway, or among trees. Council will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Pre-need Purchase

  • Come into Council to see what is available or discuss with a preferred Funeral Home
  • Select your burial site
  • Pay the full amount at the time of purchase, via a range of payment methods
  • Council will issue an Exclusive Right of Burial certificate, to be kept safe with all valuable and legal documents
  • If the plot is not longer needed, Council will refund the original purchase price, less administration fee in accordance with current Council fees and charges 

At the time of the funeral

  1. The Funeral Home will contact Council to confirm plot reservation or available plots for the deceased
  2. The Funeral Home will submit a Burial Application Form (linked below)
  3. Council will process Burial Application and provide a Right of Interment certificate to Funeral Home 
  4. Council will invoice the Funeral Home, cost of interment fee, as per current Council fees and charges, along with fee to purchase plot, if applicable

Flyer for Headstone Application Criteria for all cemeteries:

Headstone Application Criteria - all cemeteries (PDF 3.6MB)


1. Burial Permit Application
2. Ashes Interment
3. Application to carry out work in cemeteries and headstone removal
4. Wall of memories - Old Dubbo Cemetery

More information

For Dubbo & District Cemeteries and Wellington and Village cemeteries, please contact Dubbo Regional Council on (02) 6801 4000.

Fee for accessing or printing required information: $77.

Last Edited: 04 Feb 2021

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