Bell Shakespeare returns to Dubbo Regional Theatre on 5 July with their modern adaptation of Comedy of Errors. Brimming with far-fetched coincidences and chaotic hilarity it will have the audience in stitches.

Shipwrecked and separated 33 years earlier, two sets of long-lost twins miraculously find themselves in the same city on the same day. What could possibly go wrong? 

The Comedy of Errors is a hilarious romp of swapped identities, misguided love, mistaken imprisonment and chaotic mishaps, leading to an unbelievably crazy day for bumbling twins. At the heart of this tale of comedic misfortune is an old man searching for his lost children. He finds himself in a hostile land, in the fight of his life... to save his life. As far-fetched coincidences unfold, chaotic hilarity ensues and a man’s life could be saved - if only everything would go to plan.

Directed by long-time Bell Shakespeare collaborator Janine Watson, this is a beautiful story about reunion, wrapped up in an evening of entertainment and laughter. 

”This major production company succeeds in presenting Shakespeare in a way that is accessible to modern-day audiences whilst still satisfying the Shakespearean purist. Even though the script is centuries old, the interpretation, set design and costumes are uniquely contemporary and will appeal to a broad audience base.” said Manager of Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Linda Christof. 

As part of the education program, the John Bell Scholarship encourages aspiring young actors from across the Dubbo Region to audition to snag a fully-funded scholarship to learn from some of the country’s most respected actors, directors and educators at Bell Shakespeare headquarters in Sydney.

In addition, Bell also offers Regional Access Workshops to schools who have booked to see The Comedy of Errors. It is a 75-minute workshop that covers plot, character journeys, key scenes and production design to enhance students’ understanding of the play prior to viewing the production.

Ms Christof said, “We are thrilled with the take up of the education program this year. We have over 65 students attending the workshops and two talented students will be auditioning for the Scholarship. This aligns with Bell Shakespeare’s mission to make work available for all Australians, ensuring those who live in regional New South Wales have the same opportunities as capital cities.”

Tickets for Comedy of Errors can be booked through the DRTCC box office, by visiting the website, or by calling (02) 6801 4378.

Last Edited: 17 Jun 2022

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