Locals and visitors to the region will be spoilt for choice these school holidays with family favourites at Dubbo Regional Theatre. The Listies and their hysterical new show ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing), Erth’s Prehistoric World and Back Stage Theatre Tours are full of mystery and awe that will keep the kids and their adults entertained.

Tuesday 4 October, 6.30 pm

After winning over audiences with a huge season at Edinburgh Fringe, the Listies, maestros of kidult and family friendly comedy are coming to Dubbo Regional Theatre on Tuesday 4 October at 6.30 pm. A bonkers sketch comedy extravaganza made just for kids, ROFL sees The Listies tackle the most tortuous family situation of all: BED TIME. Rich, the exhausted parental proxy, is trying to get an early night while his hapless, hopeless housemate, Matt, deploys every trick in the book to stay up late. Featuring toilet paper cannons, a real life Cowasaurus, lullabies of doom, detachable legs, and a panoply of puns, ROFL is just as much fun for adults as it is children. For parents with kids 5+ it’s a brilliant way to introduce them to the theatre experiences.

Saturday 8 October, 4 pm

A few days later you can travel to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and marine reptiles, then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth. Renowned the world over for their theatrical magic and for pushing the limits of design, content and experience through puppetry, Erth’s Prehistoric World is a fusion of the highly successful Dinosaur Zoo and Prehistoric Aquarium that have previously toured to Dubbo Regional Theatre.  Dinosaurs are a gateway to learning, inspiring young minds to consider an array of subjects from science to literature, geology to bio engineering, and natural history to mathematics. Dinosaurs have become a curious link between child and parent, grandparent, guardian and educator. Keep an eye out for fun dinosaur activities for kids where Dubbo Regional Theatre partner with Western Plains Cultural Centre and the Wellington Caves and explore this fascinating animal!

These shows are featured as part of the Theatre’s annual Season program.

Manager, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Linda Christof said ‘Why not keep the kids entertained during the holidays by seeing larger than life characters on the big stage.  Both productions engage the children by encouraging audience participation, whether it’s The Listies squirting kids with their water guns or creatures from the prehistoric world swooping across the audience for an immersive close encounter!  Once you’ve witnessed the magic on stage, you can then later book in for a backstage guided tour to see how the magic and illusion is created and staff will reveal some of the secrets of show business!’

Tickets for school holiday entertainment can be booked through the DRTCC box office by visiting the website www.drtcc.com.au, or by calling (02) 6801 4378.

Last Edited: 27 Sep 2022

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