Business as usual at the new Western Plains Regional Council

By Administrator Michael Kneipp

Nearly two weeks have passed since I took on the role as Administrator of Western Plains Regional Council and I am pleased to report that although incredibly busy, it has also been an immensely informative and productive start.

After touring both Wellington and Dubbo and visiting various projects, I was impressed that all staff made efforts to ensure that the Council has been able to provide "Business as Usual” services since the Council was proclaimed.

The message is clear that Western Plains Regional Council is committed to delivering to the communities we serve by performing the every-day tasks and completing major projects with a high level of professionalism and endeavour. 

The most significant event of these early days is the inaugural Council meeting to be held this evening, Wednesday 25 May 2016 at the Council Chambers in Wellington. 

As administrator, I will be considering the reports of council staff and making decisions on them as was the role of the former councillors.

It’s a rather large Agenda and includes for consideration the draft 2016/2017 Operational Plan and Budget. Once adopted it will be placed on Public Exhibition for the regulatory 28 day exhibition period. 

By way of an introduction to myself, I was raised on a farm in northern NSW and graduated from the University of New England and moved to Wellington in 1982 as a careers advisor. 

I then had senior executive positions at Juvenile Justice, Land and Water Conservation and the Wellington Correctional Centre during construction and commissioning, as the Manager of Business Development.

Since 2009 I have been a Director for Crown Lands, predominately oversighting Western NSW with the final year of my Crown Lands career spent managing metropolitan Sydney operations.

If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself, as it is my aim to function as much as a conduit between Council and the community it serves as much as possible.

I look forward to implementing the direction of the newly formed entity of Western Plains Regional Council and delivering outcomes that meet community expectations.

Last Edited: 14 Jun 2016

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