Community planting to mark National Tree Day

Western Plains Regional Council is hosting a National Tree Day community plant this coming Sunday (August 7) at Golf Links Creek Park from 9am- 12noon.

Council’s Manager Landcare Services Lynton Auld said Council is partnering with Dubbo Macquarie River Bushcare and the Dubbo community to get as many plants into the ground as possible on the day.

“We will be planting long stem tubestock trees and normal farm tube shrubs into a large open area between Golf Links Creek and the Big 4 caravan park,” Mr Auld said.

“These long stem tubestock are significantly advanced when compared to normal tube stock, as they are quite tall and are planted up to almost 1m deep,” he said.

“By planting this deep the trees are able to access deeply stored soil moisture, are largely immune to competition from weeds and we find that planting survival rates are much higher than normal tubestock trees when planted into unirrigated areas,” he said.

“The current wet season, which is projected to continue, should help with establishment of all the plants we will be planting and we can look forward to seeing Golf Links Park looking good in years to come,” he said.

Council will be hosting a BBQ after the event to thank participants.

“If you want to help, it is not compulsory to be there for the whole three hours,” Mr Auld said.

“If you’re planning to go for a walk, jog or ride along the cycleway Sunday morning, feel free to drop in, plant a tree or shrub or two and continue on your way, every little bit helps,” he said.

“For example, the Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association (IWRA) will be joining us after their own plantings on the same day at Butlers Falls and Devils Hole reserves,” he said.

Access to the site can be either via the Tracker Riley cycleway, or by car off the Newell Highway next to the caravan park and all are welcome.


Lynton Auld
Council’s Manager Landcare Services
(02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 25 Oct 2016

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