Construction delays to Eumungerie Water Supply Scheme

Western Plains Regional Council will advise residents intending to connect to the Eumungerie Water Supply Scheme that construction hold-ups have forced the project completion to be delayed.

Council’s Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod said the construction delays are unfortunate but have occurred primarily because of persistent rain and boggy conditions at the site of the new reservoir.

The reservoir is a 100kL reservoir approximately 16.6km from the Brocklehurst Pumping Station. Under the scheme water will be pumped to the new reservoir to supply the Villages of Eumungerie and Mogriguy.

“The main structure of the reservoir is approximately 60 per cent complete. This includes the reservoir stand along with in ground pipework. The reservoir tank is partially constructed and access platforms, entry ladders and above ground pipework are yet to be constructed,” Mr McLeod said.

“Conditions have been less than favourable for constructing the foundations of the reservoir which has significantly delayed the project overall,” Mr McLeod said.

The construction also includes over 35kms of new pipeline to access the reservoir north of Mogriguy and distributions to and within Mogriguy and Eumungerie.

“Construction of the main pipelines including the 16.6km rising main from Brocklehurst and the 11.5km long reticulation main from the reservoir are over 95 per cent complete,” Mr McLeod said.

“Council appreciates the delay in construction of the reservoir is a setback for customers connecting to the water supply. All customers affected by the delays will be contacted by Council staff and kept informed of progress and anticipated completion dates,” Mr McLeod said.

Approximately 85 customers have applied for connection to the Eumungerie Water Supply Scheme.

Stewart McLeod
Council’s Director Technical Services
 (02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 23 Aug 2016

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