Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – December 2016

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Works and Services Committee, Finance and Policy Committee and Planning and Development Committee on Monday 12 December 2016 in Dubbo. The Committees were chaired by Administrator Michael Kneipp. Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday 19 December. View the fullCommittee and Council agendas.


Council Policy on Flooding in Geurie

It was recommended that Council endorse the draft Policy for flooding in Geurie for the Public Exhibition, after which time a further report will be put to Council.

“The draft Policy provides specific requirements for development on land classified by Council as flood prone land,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The new draft Policy will provide consistent and clear information to residents and prospective developers where properties are likely to be impacted by flood waters, regarding steps that can be undertaken to mitigate the risk of flooding and key issues and considerations of the development." 


Results of Public Submissions on proposed Pipeline from Burrendong Dam to Dubbo

The draft Burrendong Dam to Dubbo Pipeline maps were placed on Public Exhibition from 18 July – 1 August 2016 and a report will now be placed before Council next week.

“Council received 66 submissions to the Burrendong to Dubbo Pipeline,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The majority of submissions were opposed to the pipeline routes for various reasons including environmental and property devaluation concerns. At this stage Council has simply "noted" the information contained in the report and indicated that there is no immediate intention to take the design process further.

“The draft maps have been prepared as a long term strategic planning tool as opposed to any short term detailed design process.”

Civil Infrastructure Works requiring tree removals and replacements

It has been recommended that Council endorse a proposed tree replacement plans for Wingewarra, Brisbane and Macquarie streets to enable a kerb and guttering replacement program to proceed.

“Kerb and guttering replacement works are scheduled for sections of Wingewarra, Brisbane and Macquarie streets that will require the removal of a number of existing trees,” Mr Kneipp said.

“To help ensure that the long term viability of the tree canopy of Dubbo is enhanced over time it will be recommended to replace the same number of trees that are removed,” he said.

“In cases where it is not possible to replant the same number of trees back into the same streetscape, trees will be planted in adjacent streets to make up the numbers,” Mr Kneipp said.

Increased vegetation clearance zones at Myall Street Reservoir

It will be recommended that Council endorse and implement a proposed removal and replanting program at the Myall Street Reservoir as soon as practical, which will remove a total of 23 trees and shrubs to establish a vegetation clear zone around the reservoir.

“One of the possible contributing factors to the recent Boil Water Alert issued by Dubbo Regional Council is the close proximity of vegetation to the reservoir structures, which made it easier for birds to gain access to the structure,” Mr Kneipp said.

“As a precaution to reduce the chances of something similar happening in the future, it has been proposed that a vegetation clear zone is established around the reservoir,” he said.

“To offset the removal of these trees it will be recommended that a suitable tree species be planted on the Myall Street median strip as well as the adjacent parkland and small screening shrubs on the boundary fences,” he said.


Wellington Correctional Centre Expansion Opportunities Paper and Action Plan

The Wellington Correctional Centre (WCC) Expansion Opportunities Paper and Action Plan were both presented to the Committee to be noted, and describe ways in which to both understand and maximise the potential economic opportunities of the expansion as well as the actions needed to ensure a coordinated approach to such opportunities.

“The WCC Expansion Opportunities Paper identifies the potential economic impacts for the Wellington regional economy of the current operation, and the construction and operational phases and aims to establish a greater understanding of the future activities that will need to be undertaken by Council and other stakeholders to realise, support and manage such economic impacts,” Mr Kneipp said.

“As a result, a high level internal action plan has also been developed to ensure a hat efforts to leverage off these opportunities are coordinated,” he said.

Applications for Event Development Fund (EDF) and Major Sponsor Program (MESP) - Stream 2 

A report revealed that Stream 2 of Council’s Event Development Fund (EDF) and Major Event Sponsor Program (MESP) received funding totalling $101,400.34.

“It is good to see that all event that applied received a level of funding, and this investment of almost $65,000 by Council will support a return $3M into the LGA,” Mr Kneipp said.

The EDF is to help build and develop local events and the MESP is to support and attract new event activity with a proven record and potential to inject a minimum of $30,000 into the LGA,” he said.

“By providing these funding channels Council not only recognises that events deliver economic benefits, but event activity that will enhance the well-being, social cohesiveness and amenity of our community,” Mr Kneipp said.

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