Council Committee Meeting Outcomes - November 2016

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Works and Services Committee and the Finance and Policy Committee on Monday 21 November 2016 in Dubbo. The Committees were chaired by Administrator Michael Kneipp.
Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday 28 November in Wellington. Full Committee and Council agendas are available on Council’s website


Summary of building approvals in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area

A number of dwellings and residential buildings were approved in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area in October 2016.

The Building Summary for October 2016 was presented to be noted by the Works and Services Committee.

“In Dubbo there were 18 dwellings and 4 other residential developments approved and in Wellington one dwelling was approved,” Mr Kneipp said.

“A total of 73 Development Applications were approved in Dubbo in October 2016 compared with 59 for the same period in 2015.”

“It is pleasing to see that development continues to be supported in the LGA,” he said.

B Double Route Extension Showground Road, Renshaw McGirr Way and Suntop Road Wellington

It has been recommended that Council approve the extension of the B-Double Route along Showground Road, Renshaw McGirr Way and Suntop Road, Wellington subject to conditions.

“There is a need to transport stock and crops in B-double vehicles via this route and so a technical assessment was conducted to assess the road for this use,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The trial undertaken by Council’s Traffic engineer determined the roads would be suitable for use by B-doubles as long as there was a travel restriction put in place during school bus times and a reduced speed limit for these vehicles.”



Quarterly Review of the Dubbo Disability Inclusion Plan

Dubbo Regional Council is continuing to implement practical ways to make Dubbo a more inclusive city.

The Quarterly review of the Dubbo Disability Inclusion Plan was presented to be noted by the Finance and Policy Committee.

“The plan endeavours to assist in the removal of barriers so that people with a disability have a better opportunity to live a meaningful life and enjoy the full benefits of membership in the community,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The plan is to be implemented progressively and includes developing positive community attitudes, creating a more liveable community, having equality of employment within Council and providing appropriate service information.”


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Last Edited: 23 Nov 2016

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