Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – September 2016

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning and Development Committee, the Works and Services Committee and the Finance and Policy Committee on Monday 19 September 2016 in Dubbo. The Committees, chaired by Administrator Michael Kneipp.

Committee recommendations will be formally considered in reports at Council’s ordinary meeting next Monday September 26 in Wellington. Full Committee and Council agendas are available on Council’s website



Draft Policy for the Deferred Payment of Developer Contributions for residential subdivision – results of public exhibition

A draft policy which continues to enable developers of residential subdivisions in Dubbo to defer payment of developer contributions until a sale of subdivided lots has occurred was recommended for adoption.

Mr Kneipp said the policy allows Council to consider an alternative payment scheme for developers of residential subdivisions.

“This policy provides flexibility for developers of residential land to help ensure land continues to be delivered to the Dubbo Housing Market in a timely manner,” Mr Kneipp said.



Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan

A Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan which provides a strategic approach to improving tree management throughout the City has been recommended for public exhibition.


“The intent of the Street Tree Master Plan is to bring a strategic approach to planning, selecting and replacing street trees across the City,” Mr Kneipp said.


“This approach will help increase the number of street trees and replace trees that are currently missing or are nearing the end of their life to improve the overall amenity of the City.”


The Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan will be placed on public exhibition for community feedback if adopted by Council at the September Ordinary Meeting.


Boundary Road Extension: Tree removal and replacement

A proposal to offset the removal of 17 native trees in the Boundary Road extension corridor by planting 34 advanced native trees alongside the new road has been recommended for adoption by Council.


Mr Kneipp said planning for the Boundary Road extension has already minimised the number of trees that would need to be removed.


“A large River Red Gum with significant ecological value will be protected as part of this project and offsetting the removal of native trees at a ratio of 2:1 will create an avenue that has aesthetic appeal and limits the overall environmental impact of the project,” Mr Kneipp said.

The proposed offset schedule will be subject to the findings and recommendations of an environmental assessment in accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.




Agricultural Trails Program


Dubbo Regional Council is forging new business opportunities for Agri-tourism utilising grant funding from the Murray Darling Energise Enterprise program.


An update on the collaborative Regional Platters Agriculture project was presented to be noted by the Finance and Policy Committee.


Administrator Michael Kneipp said agri-tourism is an untapped opportunity for regional producers across the Dubbo Regional Council area and the Orana region in general.


“This project will provide training for agricultural businesses wanting to offer new experiences that showcase and sell their products and services to tourists and investors,” Mr Kneipp said.


“Already there is interest from some 50 primary producers across nine local government areas including meat and grain farmers, dairy producers, farmstays, native nurseries and wine producers.”


“By creating additional business opportunities, educating consumers and showcasing the diversified products this project has significant potential for supporting business expansions and growth for agricultural businesses,” Mr Kneipp said.


Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre – Biannual Activities Report

The Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre has reported to Council’s Finance and Policy Committee that three new outside school hours care centres have been opened since January 2016 with another due to open during the Term 3 school holidays.


Administrator Michael Kneipp said the number of activities and the delivery of quality services is a credit to the organisation which received $165,000 in annual funding from Dubbo Regional Council.


Mr Kneipp also noted the significant increase of services provided for domestic violence counselling; the ongoing success of the Winaggaayy Re-engagement Support program to keep Aboriginal children aged 5 -12 at school; and the Centre’s Australian Aged Care Quality Accreditation received in early 2016.


“The Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre continues to provide vital social and community services to the Dubbo community and I thank Board Member Tina Reynolds for attending the meeting and reporting on the activities of the Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre,” Mr Kneipp said.

Last Edited: 22 Sep 2016

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