Council considers plans to boost economic development support in Wellington

Western Plains Regional Council welcomes the announcement made by the NSW Government to invest in Wellington with the potential for an extra 220 jobs to be created at the Wellington Correctional Centre.

Administrator Michael Kneipp said securing jobs based in Wellington is one of the keys to successful economic development. Currently 112 employees of the Correctional Centre live in Wellington with wages estimated at $10 million and another 89 living in Dubbo with wages valued at $8 million. 

“The influx of new positions as a result of the expansion will offer new direct employment opportunities for people in Wellington as well as the potential for new and expanded businesses to service the larger facility,” Mr Kneipp said. 

“There is also the opportunity to attract new residents to Wellington to take up new positions which open at the facility.”

Mr Kneipp said in the future Council will be better resourced to support businesses in Wellington with economic development support staff.

“One of the areas under consideration with the integration of Council’s structures is an additional economic development officer in Council’s economic development team to work with Wellington businesses to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen and grow the local economy,” Mr Kneipp said.

“There are many strengths to Wellington that could benefit from a structured approach to economic development. 

“This will take time but it is an area that Council is investigating and considering ways to include a new position in the organisational structure.”

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Last Edited: 10 Aug 2016

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