Council seeks funding to address river litter

Dubbo Regional Council has applied for Restoration and Rehabilitation Program 2016/2017 grant funding from the NSW Environmental Trust to help address the levels of litter in the Macquarie River.

Council’s Manager of Technical Support Mark Stacey said that this was an action identified in the action plan created as a result of a community meeting held last year.

“As a result of the levels of litter entering the Macquarie River, particularly after rain events, the former Dubbo City Council and community groups came together in an effort to find practical solutions to the problem,” Mr Stacey said.

“One solution identified was the installation of Gross Pollution Traps (GPTs) in the Dubbo Urban Area and Council resolved to apply for grant funding to facilitate the installation of GPTs.”

“There are 16 outfalls across the old Dubbo LGA, half of which don’t have GPTs.”

“Through analysis of existing GPTs, four areas were identified as critical, one of which was the West Dubbo Outfall, as the system is quite outdated.”

“Council has identified funds in the 2016/2017 budget for the GPT in Bultje Street so decided to apply for further funding to address other outfalls.”

“The Restoration and Rehabilitation Program 2016/2017 grant from the NSW Environmental Trust aims to facilitate projects run by community organisations and government entities working to prevent or reduce environmental degradation of any kind.”

“Council has applied for $100,000 grant funding for the West Dubbo Main Drain GPT Augmentation.”

“This is a great example of the community and Council working together to find the solution to a shared problem.” Mr Stacey added.

Successful projects will be announced in May or June 2017.



Dubbo Regional Council Manager Technical Support Mark Stacey (02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 28 Sep 2016

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