Customer service continues to be a focus for new council


Customer Service Staff at the Western Plains Regional Council (WPRC) in Dubbo were delighted to receipt a cheque this week for services being delivered by Council’s Wellington Branch, signifying another step towards new unified processes for Western Plains Regional Council.

Council’s Administrator Michael Kneipp said Council is moving toward a collaborative approach and ensure doing business with Council is easy for all residents. 

“This moment marked the beginning of a future of cooperation, goodwill and streamlined processes for the customers of Western Plains Regional Council,” Administrator Michael Kneipp said.

“Shortly EFTPOS machines will be available in the Dubbo and Wellington Administration Offices so that payments can be made in both localities for services delivered through Dubbo or Wellington,” Mr Kneipp said. 

“This is an important step in merging the structures and systems of the former councils and creating new processes for Western Plains Regional Council."

Mr Kneipp said new arrangements are also being trialled in respect of planning and building inquiries for Wellington.

“A town planner and building certifier are available for planning and building inquiries and inspections during restricted hours on Tuesdays in Wellington,” he said. 

“In addition, the building certifier is also available during restricted hours on Thursdays at the Wellington Administration Office.”  

Wellington residents are encouraged to contact the Wellington Branch to make appointments or enquiries regarding planning and building matters.

“These arrangements are being trialled to assess the level of demand for and suitability of such services, and residents will be notified once permanent arrangements are finalised,” Mr Kneipp said.

Residents are encouraged to continue to contact the Council office that you would normally conduct business with: Wellington 6840 1700 or Dubbo 6801 4000.


Michael Kneipp
Western Plains Regional Council Administrator
0437 596 436.

Last Edited: 09 Jun 2016

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