Dubbo Regional Council logo revealed

Dubbo Regional Council has today unveiled a logo for the organisation which is a contemporary letter-based design making use of the initials of the Council name D R and C.

Dubbo Regional Council Administrator Michael Kneipp said the logo is designed to be well recognised in a broad context capitalising on the high recognition of the Council name.

“The letter-based design is appealing, recognisable and memorable,” Mr Kneipp said. “The colours selected have been deliberately chosen to be both visually appealing and reflective of the colours of nature,” he said.

“Ultimately, the intent was to create a fresh new logo that will help harmonise the new organisation and will look good on a wide range of applications including signs, vehicles, stationery and uniforms as well as online,” Mr Kneipp said.

The Dubbo Regional Council logo was designed in-house by Council’s graphic design specialists and was created and refined based on input and feedback from over 140 members of staff, business and community groups across the Local Government Area. 

“The feedback from test groups was that people liked the choice of colours with the logo seen to be modern, vibrant and colourful,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The overall appeal of the logo will be a matter of personal opinion,” Mr Kneipp said. “However, during the consultation only 1 in 5 people said they didn’t like it at all. A majority of 68 per cent said they would accept it with 51 per cent saying they like it or really like it,” he said.

Mr Kneipp said the logo is a business logo for the Council. The destination brands for both Wellington and Dubbo which are used to promote the City of Dubbo and the town of Wellington to tourists and visitors remain separate.

“For example there are no plans to replace the highway entry signs to Wellington or Dubbo with the Council logo. The Visit Wellington website and the Dubbo tourism website will carry branding and information related to their location,” Mr Kneipp said.

“Effectively the brands and imagery associated with the promotion of each centre will continue to be focused on the unique attributes and qualities of each destination,” he said.

“The Council logo is a lively, fresh representation of a new organisation committed to delivering services to the community across the regional area,” Mr Kneipp said.

Last Edited: 12 Aug 2021

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