Keep your dogs on a leash in Dubbo's shared recreational areas

Dubbo City Council is once again reminding dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes when using Dubbo’s shared paths and cycle ways.

Council’s Acting Director of Technical Services, Ian Bailey acknowledged his delight to see so many people out of doors and using council’s many recreational areas however he is alarmed at how many people are taking dogs without leashes onto these busy areas.

“Dubbo is lucky to have such enjoyable recreational areas like the Tracker Riley cycle way, Delroy Parkland and Southlakes Estate parkland and the popularity of these areas is great to see, however they are to be enjoyed by everyone.”

“Dog owners wishing to share these areas must keep their dogs on leashes for the reassurance and safety of other users.”

“Though dog owners may tell others not to be alarmed because their dog is harmless, other users who don’t know the dog or its temperament may be doubtful and frightened”, said Mr Bailey.

Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jayne Bleechmore spoke of her concern over the more vulnerable users of Dubbo’s recreational areas saying that many young families as well as seniors have recently expressed their fear of dogs not being kept on leashes in public places.

“A young Dubbo family is now reluctant to use the Tracker Riley cycle way following a large dog (off its lead) that bounded up to their small child frightening her.”

“Small dogs darting about off their leads are just as dangerous as their larger cousins especially for cyclists who find it hard to stop suddenly when a small dog approaches the bicycle wheels,” Ms Bleechmore said.

While dog owners are encouraged to use Dubbo’s many shared public areas, Dubbo City Council is strongly urging owners to adhere to the prominent signage (declaring dogs must be on leads and owners must pick up after their dogs) and exercise courtesy in these areas by keeping their dog on a leash at all times.

Dubbo has the following leash free areas that pose no threat to walkers and cyclists should dog owners like to let their dogs go for a run without their leads:

Bourke Hill 
Devil's Hole 
Mountbatten Drive 
Wheelers Lane - Fenced 
Cobborah Road 
South Dubbo - Fenced 
Tracker Riley (off track under LH Ford Bridge East) 
TAFE Reserve 
Tracker Riley (off track nr railway bridge West ) 
Tracker Riley (off track/riverbank Tamworth St Bridge West) 
Springfield Way 
Caroline Reserve 
Joira Road 
Dalbeattie Cres - Fenced  



Last Edited: 11 Jan 2016

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