Mobile phone ban for P2 drivers

P2 provisional licence holders can no longer use mobile phones while driving or riding in any capacity whatsoever from Thursday 1 December 2016.

Previously, P2 provisional licence holders were able to use a mobile phone in the same way as unrestricted licence holders can, that is as long as the phone is held in a commercially manufactured fixed phone carrier or has hands-free connectivity such as Bluetooth. 

In an attempt to address the rising road toll in NSW, Roads Minister Duncan Gay has extended the current learner and P1 provisional licence mobile phone restriction to include P2 provisional licence holders also.

Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jayne Bleechmore said the new mobile phone restriction for P2 provisional licence holders was a positive move in addressing an escalating road toll which included a growing number of young novice drivers.

“Young novice drivers in their first years of solo driving are particularly vulnerable on our roads and inexperience brings many challenges, mobile phone distraction being a challenge they can best do without,” Ms Bleechmore said.

“It’s difficult to comprehend young drivers under 25 years of age make up 15% of all drivers in NSW, yet they represent more than 33% of annual road fatalities”.

“Sadly there were 193 young drivers aged between 17 and 25 years killed on NSW roads between 2011 and 2015.”

“The road toll at present is unacceptable so any change in legislation that can potentially prevent serious injury and loss of life is a step in the right direction.”

P2 provisional licence holders who breach the new mobile phone restriction will lose four demerit points - the total number of points afforded to P1 and learner drivers.

Earlier this year NSW increased the demerit point penalty for illegal mobile phone use from three to four points, with the associated fine being $325 or $433 if the offence was committed in a school zone.

From 1 November 2017 young drivers should note also they will face further adjustments to licence conditions.

Previously, P1 licence-holders were required to pass a hazard perception test before progressing to a P2 licence. This test will now be taken by learner drivers before graduating to P1.

Also from November next year, young drivers slapped with bans for speeding or unsafe driving offences will be forced to spend more time driving under P-plate restrictions. 

Six-month ‘extensions’ to provisional licences will apply for drivers who do not maintain a good driving record while on their P1 and P2 licence. 

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Jayne Bleechmore
Road Safety Officer
Dubbo Regional Council
M: 0417 667 984


Last Edited: 30 Nov 2016

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