Ordinary Council Meeting Decisions - December 2015

Dubbo City Council made decisions on the following items at Monday night’s Ordinary Council meeting (21 December 2015).

Local Government Reform
In light of the NSW Government Local Government reform announcements on Council mergers Dubbo City Council has unanimously resolved to retain its position that as an IPART assessed “Fit for the Future” Council it stand alone and participate in an Orana Joint Organisation.

Mayor of Dubbo Councillor Mathew Dickerson said that Council and the community see no benefit in Dubbo merging with Wellington Council and the Wellington Council concurs with this position.

“As part of Council’s response the Member for Dubbo will be invited to meet Councillors to explain the Government’s position and detail the rationale for the proposed merger between Dubbo and Wellington,” Councillor Dickerson said.

South Dubbo Weir Rock Ramp and Fishway Construction 
Dubbo City Council has awarded the tender for the construction of the Rock Ramp and Fishway at the South Dubbo Weir to David Payne Constructions.

Councillor Dickerson said the construction project is a priority for Dubbo City Council and is the most significant aspect of a multi faceted approach to improving safety at the South Dubbo Weir. 

“In 2013 Council stated it was unacceptable to leave the weir in its current configuration,” Councillor Dickerson said. ”Council made a commitment to the families of people who had drowned at the weir and the community that changes to the weir to improve safety would be done as soon as was practically achievable.”

“To date signage, community education and physical barriers have been put in place to improve safety while the reconstruction could be planned.”

“While the planning and approvals have taken some time there is now a scheduled completion date of end August 2016 for the Rock Ramp and Fishway,” Councillor Dickerson said.

The contractor is now required to seek additional approvals from the Department of Primary Industries Water and Fisheries before construction can commence. Council has begun construction of the access road from Obley Road to the project site and additional preliminary construction work will continue.

The project is valued at $3.79 million which will be funded by Council borrowings.

Draft CDB Precincts Plan:
The CBD Precincts Plan was considered by Council following a recommendation made by the Planning and Development Committee in November. 

The CBD Precincts Plan is the result of the Ignite Our Centre Community Engagement Program and brings together the bright ideas for improvements to our CBD that were identified by the community.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Ben Shields said that the CBD Precincts Plan aims to ensure our CBD is a vibrant, diverse, prosperous and exciting city centre that offers the right mix of shopping, services, entertainment, living, working and leisure opportunities to attract and engage with Dubbo residents and visitors from the Orana Region and beyond.

The Plan includes four implementation categories which have been recognised as key areas for the further development of the CBD: Placemaking, Cutting Red Tape, Infrastructure Development and Making Development Easier. 

The draft CBD Precincts Plan was endorsed by Council to seek the views of the community.

Dubbo City Regional Airport Master Plan
Council has adopted a Master Plan for the Dubbo City Regional Airport. The Master Plan is a long-term planning document that provides for the orderly and future growth and development of the airport.

Following receipt of the $7.4 million Restart NSW grant from the NSW State Government Council also resolved to investigate costings, financial requirements and potential building timeframes to lengthen the main runway in association with strengthening works as identified in the grant.

Councillor Dickerson said the Dubbo City Regional Airport is of strategic importance to the development of Dubbo and Western NSW.

“The adopted Master Plan will help ensure the expansion of the airport keeps pace with community needs. The Plan ensures that as passenger numbers increase over the long-term both the airside and the land side infrastructure associated with the airport can be developed in a responsible way.”

Note: Councillor Mathew Dickerson declared an interest in the Draft CBD Precincts Plan and did not participate in that part of the meeting. Councillor Smith chaired that part of the meeting.

Last Edited: 11 Jan 2016

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