Outcomes from the Ordinary Meeting of Council - May 2016

Western Plains Regional Council held its inaugural Council meeting on Wednesday 25 May 2016 in Wellington. The meeting was chaired by Administrator Michael Kneipp. Council made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

Western Plains Regional Council 2016/2017 Draft Operational Plan and Budget

The Western Plains Regional Council 2016/2017 Draft Operational Plan and Budget, including Revenue Policy and Forward Budgets for 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020,was last night adopted and is now on public exhibition.

Mr Kneipp said the 2016/2017 draft Operational Plan and Budget is of strategic importance for the new Council. 

“The Plan incorporates a Dubbo component and Wellington component and is a consolidated document prepared on the basis of the Operational Plan prepared for the previous councils,” Mr Kneipp said.

“The draft document distributes the resources of the Council in accordance with priorities established in the respective Community Strategic Plans,” Mr Kneipp said.

“Community feedback on the draft Plan is important and I look forward to reviewing the community views on the Plan that has been put forward.”

The draft Macquarie Regional Library Operational Plan and Budget is also on public exhibition in conjunction with Council’s planning documents.

The Public Exhibition period closes 5pm on Wednesday 22 June 2016.

Mr Kneipp said an Extraordinary Meeting of Council will be held at noon on 29 June 2016 to adopt the 2016/2017 Operational Plan.

“This will enable the budget to start on 1 July, giving Council a good clean start to the financial year,” Mr Kneipp said.

Local Representation Committee 

Western Plains Regional Council resolved to establish a Local Representation Committee made up of former Dubbo City and Wellington Councillors to provide advice to the Administrator on local views and issues noting that the role of the Committee representatives is very different to the role they undertook as Councillors.

“Councillors in the past have often been at the “coal face” and were often either lobbied or contacted by members of the community in respect of particular issues or complaints”, Mr Kneipp said.

“The role of these Committee members is not as a Councillor but rather as a member of the community with a previous link to a former council to provide advice to me. In this regard should members of the community have issues or concerns in respect of Council, they are encouraged to contact Council’s Customer Service Centre in the first instance,” 

Administrator Michael Kneipp said it was important to include former Councillors to act in an advisory capacity to help establish the functions of Council until elections are held in September 2017.

“The former Councillors have extensive knowledge of the needs and priorities of their communities and will provide valuable input on the development of Council’s strategic plans,” Mr Kneipp said. 

“Each of the members have demonstrated a commitment to the success of the new Council and I look forward to working closely with this consultative committee,” Mr Kneipp said.

The following representatives were appointed to the Local Representation Committee:

  • Graham Cross (former Councillor of Wellington Council)
  • David Grant (former Councillor of Wellington Council)
  • Anne Jones (former Councillor of Wellington Council)
  • Kevin Parker (former Councillor of Dubbo City Council)
  • Ben Shields (former Councillor of Dubbo City Council)
  • Pip Smith (former Councillor of Wellington Council)
  • Rod Towney (former Councillor of Dubbo City Council)
  • John Walkom (former Councillor of Dubbo City Council).


Statue of Civil Rights Pioneer Bill Ferguson

A proposal to locate a statue of Mr Bill Ferguson in the Church Street Rotunda area in Dubbo has been endorsed by Western Plains Regional Council.

Council received a request for approval to locate a life size, bronze statue of Mr Ferguson in the CBD to launch the Aborigines Progressive Association 80th Anniversary. It has been proposed that the statue be installed and unveiled during 2017, the 50th anniversary of the landmark referendum that gave recognition to the Aboriginal people in 1967. The proponents of the project are fundraising the $60,000 required to produce the statue.

“Having this statue of a highly-regarded individual in such a prominent position would be a positive step for the City of Dubbo,” Mr Kneipp said.

“I think this is a very worthy project indeed,” he said.

Amendment to Dubbo LEP - Secondary dwelling provisions

Council considered a report including the results of the public consultation process for a proposed amendment to the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011 to increase the maximum size of a secondary dwelling from 40 percent of the total floor area of the principal dwelling to 65 percent of the total floor area of the principal dwelling.

Council resolved to amend Clause 5.4(9)(b) of the Dubbo LEP 2011 to allow for the proposed change and for a request to be made to the State Government Department of Planning and Environment to enact the required change to the Dubbo LEP. 

Keeping it Clean waste initiative

Council has resolved to provide in-kind and financial support to the Keeping it Clean waste initiative which is a project that aims to address relatively high rates of illegal dumping in Nanima Village, Wellington.

The Wellington Local Aboriginal Land Council was awarded funding under the Aboriginal Land Clean-Up Program, administered by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to undertake a clean-up of areas subject to illegal dumping, as well as implement preventative measures.

“To help facilitate this project, Council has agreed to the use of equipment and work crews on a cost neutral basis, give access to landfill and waive fee for removed waste.  Council staff will also offer advice and support for the initiative,” Mr Kneipp said.

South East Dubbo Residential Structure Plan

Council considered a report detailing the results of the public consultation process undertaken for the South-East Dubbo Residential Urban Release Area Stage 1 Structure plan.

“The Structure Planning process in this area of Dubbo considered the overall constraints associated with land in the area, development opportunities and undertook high level planning of future infrastructure required to facilitate residential development.” Mr Kneipp said.

The Council adopted Structure Plan includes strategic residential growth principles which will guide Council’s land use decisions for future development of the subject lands.  

Draft Southlakes Estate Development Control Plan 1

Following Council’s adoption of the South-East Dubbo Residential Urban Release Area Stage 1 Structure Plan, a draft Southlakes Estate site specific Development Control Plan 1 (DCP) was adopted by Council for the purposes of public consultation.  

The draft DCP provides development guidance and associated controls for further extension of the Southlakes Estate in South-East Dubbo to the east. 

The draft DCP will be placed on public display for a period of 28 days.  Following completion of the public exhibition period, a further report will be considered by Council. 

Keswick Estate Stage 4 Release 3 Subdivision Construction

Western Plains Regional Council is continuing with the development of Keswick Estate Stage 4 Release 3 with Council resolving to award MAAS Civil Pty Ltd a tender for sewer reticulation and roads services.

The tender in the amount of $1,481,595 includes road construction for 33 lots and water, sewer and stormwater services for 29 lots in the subdivision.

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