Public urged to have say on essential part of Dubbo’s future

Dubbo Regional Council Director Parks and Landcare Services Ian McAlister is urging the public to have their say on an important part of Dubbo’s future.

The Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan is open for public submissions until 5pm on 2 December 2016 and residents are encouraged to submit their comments on the plan via the electronic submission form at

“The Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan has been developed to provide a strategic approach to the long term improvement of the aesthetics of the City, reduce the impact of necessary pruning to maintain line clearances and at the same time improve the tree canopy cover through a Prioritised Planting Plan,” Mr McAlister said.

“One of the issues that is proposed to be addressed under the plan is the lack of the trees in sections of the Central Business District.  Under the plan Bultje Street is recognised as lacking adequate shade trees and has been listed as a Priority 1 street for action.  Notably this includes the section between Darling and Macquarie streets that has a number of doctor surgeries and related businesses.”

“Due to the lack of shade trees in the streetscape Bultje Street is extremely hot during summer and for those members of our community are sick or elderly it is extremely uncomfortable.  Through the replanting of trees in the street shoulders this environment can be improved and Council has been proactive seeking grant funding under Office of Environment and Heritage – Building Resilience to Climate Change using the draft plan as part of the supporting argument in the submission.”

As part of the implementation strategy of the Street Tree Master Plan Council remains committed to the undertaking of extensive community engagement and consultation as part of the decision making process.

“This consultation will be done on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the plan and on a street by street basis to engage with the residents and provide them with the opportunity to vote on what species they would like in their street.  For most streets Council has identified three possible species that are suitable for their street.  As each street is identified for planting, using the Priority Based Plan, residents will be sent out information on each of the trees and asked to nominate their preferred tree species.  The tree species with the most votes will be used for the planting on that street” 

“This approach has been used by Council previously to gain direct feedback and it always proven popular as it provides residents an opportunity to influence the future of the tree species in their street giving a sense of ownership of the trees and pride in where they live.”

“This approach also helps to ensure that the plan remains flexible and able to adapt to changing climatic conditions, the introduction of new improved tree species and the removal of tree species as a result of new diseases or weed declarations.”

Media contact

Ian McAlister
Director Parks and Landcare Services 
Dubbo Regional Council 
(02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 29 Nov 2016

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