Recommendations made by the Planning and Development Committee - February 2016

Dubbo City Council’s Planning and Development Committee considered the following items at Monday night’s (15 February) meeting and made recommendations to Council.

Interim Amendment to Section 94 Contributions Plan Roads, Traffic Management and Car Parking
Following consideration of the results of a public exhibition and consultation period, a recommendation has been made to Council by the Planning and Development Committee to adopt the draft amended Section 94 Contributions Plan Roads, Traffic Management and Car Parking,

“The draft amended Plan would give effect to all “change of use” development applications of a value equal to or less than $100000 being exempt from the requirements of the Plan” Councillor Kevin Parker said.

Councillor Parker said that a “change of use” development application is considered to be where one land use activity changes to another land use activity as defined by the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011.

“An example of a change of use might include altering the use of a place of public worship to a shop,” he said.

Councillor Parker also said that the need for targeted development incentives especially for the Dubbo CBD was raised by the community during the Ignite Our Centre Campaign.  The draft amended Plan will give effect to significantly reducing the overall costs of small scale development across the City and will assist to encourage and promote development and activity in the CBD.

The recommendation of the Planning and Development Committee will be considered by Council at its February monthly meeting on Monday 22 February 2016.

Planning proposal- Additional Permitted Use (Hotel or Motel Accommodation) Property: 20L Chapmans Road Dubbo Applicant: Geolyse Pty Ltd
A Planning Proposal (R15-1), or Local Environmental Plan amendment application was lodged with Dubbo City Council seeking to allow the additional permitted use of hotel or motel accommodation in the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011 on Lot 3 DP 554158, 20L Chapmans road.

The application was lodged by consultants Geolyse on behalf of the owner, Stanaway PTY LTD.

The subject site has a history of use as a hostel and the proposed amendment to the Dubbo LEP 2011 would enable the existing facilities and structures on the site to be used for the purposes of hotel or motel accommodation subject to development consent.

The committee recommended that at their next meeting, Council support the Planning Proposal to include hotel or motel accommodation as an additional permitted use and to place the Planning Proposal on public exhibition, after which a further report will be provided to Council detailing the results of the exhibition period for further consideration.

Chair of Planning and Development Committee Councillor Kevin Parker 6841 2600

Last Edited: 26 Feb 2016

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