Recommendations made by the Works and Services Committee - November

Dubbo City Council’s Works and Services Committee considered the following items at last night’s (16 November) meeting and made recommendations to Council. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Kevin Parker.

Building summary – October 2015:
The Committee received statistics on the number of dwellings and residential flat building approved and statistics for approved Development Applications. This is provided for the information of Council each month.

In October 2015, 19 dwellings and 4 other residential developments were approved. Other residential development may include dual occupancies, secondary dwellings, multi-unit and seniors living housing.

The total number of approved Development Applications was 59 with a total value of $7.4M.

Dubbo City Council’s Application Tracker allows users to track development related applications lodged with Council and view the supporting documents and most plans 24 hours a day. Application tracker is available from Council’s website

Use of public roads for bicycle races:
Each year Dubbo City Council is required to approve applications for bicycle road races on public roads. New applications have been made by the Orana Veterans Cycle Club and the Dubbo Cycle Club for the 2016 season (approval has previously been granted for the 2015 season).

Councillor Parker commented: “Cycling in Dubbo is a popular sport across all ages. The approval process ensures that the safety of cyclists during events is properly considered and appropriate traffic management plans are in place.”

Both the Orana Veterans Cycle Club and the Dubbo Cycle Club have for many years conducted successful events. Both Clubs are to be congratulated for submitting comprehensive management plans and promoting cycling safety

The applications from both Clubs have been recommended for approval.

Report on Landfill Gas Extraction System, Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre:
The Works and Services Committee noted a report that says approximately 2,200 tonnes of greenhouse gasses are being saved each month through the capture and flaring of landfill gas at the Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre.

Capture and flaring of landfill gas converts methane to carbon dioxide which has a significantly lower global warming potential than methane. Dubbo City Council has an existing contract with Landfill Gas Industries (LGI) for this process.

Councillor Parker said since gas capture and flaring was first started in December 2012, 40,000 tonnes of carbon emissions have been abated.

“Under the current contract with LGI the number of extraction wells has increased to 18. The additional wells increase the flow rates of the extraction system and therefore the amount a landfill gas that can be converted,” Councillor Parker said.

LGI has recently been successful in attracting finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) of up to $10M to support their activities. As a result Dubbo City Council is required to enter a tripartite agreement among LGI, the CEFC and Dubbo City Council. The Committee has recommended Council enter this agreement.

Chair of Works and Services Committee Councillor Kevin Parker 6841 2600


Last Edited: 16 Mar 2021

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