Temporary closure of Old Dubbo Gaol doors to restore unique entrance

After welcoming an influx of visitors during the busy school holiday period, Old Dubbo Gaol will be closed for two weeks in August to complete restoration and heritage work at the main entrance.
From 15 August until 28 August the rare wood block floor in the main entrance will be under restoration.
Operations Supervisor Kim Hague said this work is part of the extensive restoration and renovation of the State Heritage listed attraction.
Ms Hague explained that from 1880 until the 1930s hardwoods were a common material used to pave roads and footpaths.
“This was because wood blocks absorbed noise better than stone, and were more easily maintained than dirt roads,” Ms Hague said.
“The wood blocks at the entrance to the Gaol are unique for the style in which they are laid and for the fact that they are located in a regional area.”
The entrance restoration project is a priority as original wood blocks have suffered severely from rot and significant white ant activity.
Ms Hague said the original blocks that are in good condition will be re-laid while others that are too damaged will be saved for display. These will be replaced with reconstructed blocks of the same narrow-leaved ironbark, following the original laying pattern.
The project has been provided with $1 million in funding under the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Cobbora Transition Fund, which was established to create infrastructure that drives economic growth and productivity in the region.
Previous upgrade works to the Gaol, made possible through this funding, include maintenance work on salinity and rising damp issues of the Gaol Walls and internal building walls, as well as restoration of the Watchtower, upgrade of Nosey Bob Holographic Exhibition, refurbishment of the Infirmary Block and the installation of new Faces of Crime exhibition.

Media Contact:

Kim Hague
Old Dubbo Gaol Operations Supervisor 
6801 4000

Last Edited: 28 Jul 2016

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