Tree removals required for new Mitchell Highway roundabout

In early July, Western Plains Regional Council will commence tree removals along the Mitchell Highway near the new aged care development under construction by the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institute.  The tree removals are required prior to construction starting on a new roundabout to access future developments of Keswick Estate.

In July 2015 the former Dubbo City Council granted approval for the construction of a new three way, two lane roundabout at the intersection of the Mitchell Highway and the planned Capstan Drive in association with the development of Keswick Estate between Sheraton Road and the Windsor Parade link road.

Council’s Manager Horticultural Services, Ian McAlister said that in order to comply with road design standards and to have RMS concurrence, the construction of the roundabout will require the removal of trees and shrubs planted by Council since 1995.

“The plants on the southern side of the highway to be removed are a mix of native shrubs including grevilleas, melaleuca, hakea and callistemon that were planted between 1995 and 2003.  Some of these are already in very poor condition. In addition a number of small trees will also be removed. The overhead power lines in this area prevent these trees from reaching any significant height,” Mr McAlister said.

“The trees to be removed on the northern side are largely London Plane Tree also planted from 1995."

Mr McAlister said part of the roundabout construction will be the planting of large growing trees at the roundabout and the southern approach along the Capstan Drive corridor.

“The idea of planting very large growing trees is to create a sense of entrance to the roundabout and the Keswick Estate over time,” he said.

“Extensive additional planting is also planned through the drainage corridor of Keswick Estate. Furthermore, because the new plantings will be set back from the highway corridor and power lines they will be able to reach a size at maturity that will provide greater amenity and biodiversity outcomes in the area."

Tree removal work will commence from early July with roundabout construction scheduled to commence shortly after.

One night time road closure will be needed to allow stormwater and utility services to be installed under the Mitchell Highway. Outside of this closure, two way traffic will be maintained throughout construction of the roundabout.


Ian McAlister
Manager Horticultural Services
(02) 6801 4000

Last Edited: 15 Jun 2016

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