Trial at Botanic Gardens for urban tree plantings

A trial will take place at the Dubbo Regional Botanic Gardens – Oasis Valley which will help Dubbo Regional Council make decisions on the future planting of trees in urban environments.

The trial will see six skip bins planted with Grevillea robusta (Silky Oak) but each with a different planting methods.

“In the trial we will use three recently used methods for tree planting within an urban environment, those being the structural cells series 5, structural cells series 6 and the Stockholm system,” Manager Horticultural Services Ben Pilon said.

“While the systems each involve a root vault being constructed under the road to create an uncompacted area for tree roots to develop in a healthy environment there are a number of differences which has prompted Council to undertake this trial to determine which is suitable for a particular situation.”

“For the trial the trees will be planted in skip bins. This is a cost effective solution and will allow the trees to be planted ‘above ground’ while still replicating the conditions of being planted underground.”

”This will be done by mounding soil around the bins. The soil being used is excess soil from on site at the Botanic Gardens which will help minimise costs.”

“This approach will also make it easier to remove the earth and deconstruct the root zones at the end of the trial in ten years.”

“Council has decided to use six bins for the trial. Two will be used as a control, two will be used for the structural cells and two will be for the Stockholm system.”

“This kind of project is consistent with the role of the Botanic Gardens and it is expected that by the end of this trial we will be able to report on which system will be most effective for providing root zones for urban trees,” Mr Pilon added.

Media contact:

Dubbo Regional Council Manager Horticultural Services Ben Pilon (02) 6801 4000.

Last Edited: 20 Oct 2016

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