Wellington getting ready to celebrate

The countdown has begun as Wellington prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary next year.
Today marks one year until the town’s official bicentenary, however with a motivated committee, plans are already well under way for some grand celebrations to mark the milestone.
Western Plains Regional Council administrator and Wellington Bicentenary Committee chair Michael Kniepp said plenty of work had already been put into what was going to be a big year for the area.
“Earlier this year a competition was run encouraging people to design a bicentenary logo,” Mr Kniepp said.
“I am pleased to say that a number of fantastic entries were received, with the winning logo being contributed by Alexandra Wright. Ms Wright’s logo is not only bright and colourful, but it is a modern depiction of the mountains and rivers for what Wellington is well known.
“A website has also been created which provides information on Wellington’s history, and will be a pivotal source in providing information on events.”
Events already on the calendar include a Beer Can Regatta, Wellington High School reunion, special Bicentenary bash and an elegant dinner on the Duke of Wellington Bridge.
“The beer can regatta is set to be held at Lake Burrendong on Australia Day and should be a fun way to start the celebrations,” Mr Kniepp said.
“Meanwhile the Bicentenary Bash, which will be held one year from today, will be the major celebration and is set to include a re-enactment of John Oxley crossing into the Wellington Valley, trades fair showcasing old trades, depiction of the town’s multicultural heritage and much more.
“The committee is also seeking interest from local families who either live in Wellington today or have lived in the area in the past to buy and plant a tree which will then become a bicentenary avenue. This could be a great legacy for the area in years to come.”
As a way of involving as many people as possible, local families are also being asked to contribute photos, either by email or through scanning at the Western Plains Regional Council that could be used to make up a number photo display boards showcasing the different decades in the town.
“This is a whole of community event, and we want the whole community to feel as though they are part of this milestone,” Mr Kniepp said.
“A town is not just a town, it is the people who live here who shape what the town is and I believe the people of Wellington have shaped a truly great town.”
A special calendar marking Wellington’s bicentenary is currently being compiled and is set to show the now and then of the area.
Along with some great photos, the calendar will also include all events to be held in the area in 2017 that are known to the Wellington Bicentenary Calendar as well as information on when some interesting things occurred in the area in the past.
“This calendar will become a keepsake for many and will be a great way for groups and clubs to publicise any events they plan on holding next year,” Mr Kniepp said.
“I would encourage anyone who has an event planned to email the information to wellington200@wellington.nsw.gov.au to ensure it is included in the calendar.”
The deadline for event information is Friday, September 16. It is expected the calendar will hit the shelves mid-November which will make it a great Christmas gift.


Western Plains Regional Council Tourism, Promotions & Media Liaison Officer: Sharon Frogley on 6840 1772.

Last Edited: 01 Mar 2021

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