Get informed of Dubbo/Wellington merger proposal and make your submission count

Dubbo City Council is encouraging all residents and ratepayers to read up on the merger proposal for Dubbo and Wellington Councils and prepare a submission on the potential impacts.

The new Council boundary would extend from Eumungerie to Kerrs Creek, a distance of more than 140kms, and have a combined population of 50,627.

The NSW Government expects the proposed merger to net $17 million in savings over 20 years. These savings are expected to come primarily from streamlining senior management roles and savings on back office and administrative functions.

Public submissions can be made to the NSW Government on the merger proposal and all residents and ratepayers should consider the impact on services, the financial issues associated with the merger and the interest to the community of the proposed merger.

The proposal is currently under a review being undertaken by Dr Ian Tilley (the Office of Local Government delegate). The delegate’s report must be structured around specific factors included in the Local Government Act. Therefore, public submissions should include information that fits within these criteria:

  • Financial advantages or disadvantages

  • The community of interest and geographic cohesion

  • Historical and traditional values

  • The attitude of residents and ratepayers

  • Level of representation for residents and ratepayers

  • Service delivery and access

  • Employment impacts

  • Impact on rural communities

  • Dividing the area into wards

  • Effective representation to ensure opinions of diverse communities are heard

Residents and ratepayers may consider matters like the real value of savings, what impacts on service delivery may occur as a result of a merger, how outlying areas will be represented and serviced appropriately and the redistribution of rates and other income across a larger Council area.

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Last Edited: 15 Jan 2016

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