Council to invest $1 million for playground shade


Dubbo Regional Council has unveiled a plan to increase the amount of shade and trees around the city’s playgrounds.

Over the next two years $1 million of Council funds will be invested to the project, which will enhance 10 parks around Dubbo.

This additional $1 million in funding supports the ongoing playground improvement program that Council has already in place through its 20yr Asset Maintenance and Replacement Plan. 

Including playgrounds already replaced since July 2018, or due to be replaced by 2022, the Asset Maintenance and Improvement Plan has already committed $800,000 towards playground renewal and associated facilities improvements. 

Further supporting funds will be injected from an internal tree (Trees Special Project) planting budget over the next two years, as well as grant funding from Family and Community Services in improving facilities at Delroy Parklands (North).

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields said the improved shade access would enable people to make more use of playgrounds during the summer months.

“We are currently sweltering through a succession of 40-degree days which can make it harder for parents to take their children to our great parks. Adding additional shade will make it possible to use the equipment more often during the warmer months,” Councillor Shields said. 

The program is due to start next month, with quotes for the installation of a shade structure over the playground at Elston Park being sought, with advanced trees also planted in April for additional sun protection.

Similar works will then occur at Muller Park, Theresa Maliphant Park, Spears Drive, Rosewood Grove, and Powter Park between March and June. Provision of an enlarged playground with more shade at Lions Park will be carried out from June, along with a new playground, irrigation and shade at Delroy Parklands (South). Many of the works will also include an accessible path.

In 2021/2022 additional shade and equipment will be incorporated into a new playground at Victoria Park.

Councillor Shields said it was important that Dubbo had the right facilities to support families.

“We want Dubbo to be a great place for people to raise a family and making our parks and playgrounds more user-friendly is an important part of that,” Councillor Shields said.

“Council is committed to listening to the community about their needs and we have heard the need for more shade.

“We still need parents to determine it is safe before allowing their children to use play equipment on hot days, but hopefully by having more shade it will extend the hours during summer that these playgrounds are usable.”

Funding for the Playground Shade and Facilities Fund will come from Section 94 (Old Plan 1998) Public Open Space Embellishment, accrued from developments in Dubbo, which supports funding already identified for the renewal of playgrounds in Council’s 20yr Asset Maintenance and Replacement Plan.

Council is currently looking at a plan to upgrade parks at Wellington including a playground at Cameron Park due to be constructed by the end of 2019.

Last Edited: 22 Jan 2019

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