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Mayor's Column 26 June 2018
During any community consultation undertaken in recent years residents have consistently told the Council that we should be focusing on the river corridor as our most important asset.
Mayor's Column 20 June 2018
The Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre, known to locals simply as the “Olympic Pool” has been in need of a significant upgrade for at least 30 years.
Mayor's Column 13 June 2018
It’s been some time now since “that” council election where the people of both Dubbo and Wellington went to the polls and elected ten councillors to represent them on the new Dubbo Regional Council.
Mayor's Column 29 May 2018
Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York is a politician I greatly admire. While he is best known as the mayor during the September 11 attacks, his mayoralty was about efficiency and changing the culture of the city that drove down crime while at the same time reinvigorating the Big Apple and restoring its international reputation as a global city of leadership.
Mayor's Column 22 May 2018
Hello from Japan! I am very happy to be writing this week’s Mayoral column from this wonderful part of the world.

Last Edited: 26 Jun 2018

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