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Mayor's Wellington Column 14 November 2018
With Dubbo Regional Council covering such a wide area communication is critical. That is why I try to spend as much time as possible visiting Wellington and all of the surrounding villages.
Mayor's Column 14 November 2018
On Sunday, Dubbo residents were among millions worldwide who stopped to mark 100 years since the end of World War I.
Mayor's Wellington Column 7 November 2018
With Wellington down to just one aged care facility, I thought it was important that we meet with Maranatha House Aged Care to talk about the future.
Mayor's Column 7 November 2018
We all have such a great opportunity before us to add value to our new hospital upgrade to ensure Dubbo Base Hospital has the parking it needs to accommodate the sick, disabled, elderly and less mobile people who use this essential service.
Mayor's Wellington Column 31 October 2018
“Congratulations”, “hats off”, “well done”, “bravo”, “great work”, and “top marks” are all the words I would like to use to thank the highly creative and energetic crew of Wellington Arts who organised the Fong Lee Lane Festival last Friday night.

Last Edited: 14 Nov 2018

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