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Mayor's Wellington Column 19 September 2018
It’s not that often that regional towns are given the opportunity to host a global event and that is why I am so pleased Wellington is the destination for Red Bull Branched Out 2018.
Mayor's Column 19 September 2018
It’s amazing stuff. A young fellow from England, straight after his wedding, is coming to Dubbo and thousands of well-wishers will be there to see him.
Mayor's Wellington Column 12 September 2018
It’s starting to get warmer and the worst of the winter chill is behind us. And that is certainly the case with Wellington 12 months on since the first Dubbo Regional Council election.
Mayor's Column 12 September 2018
After 19 years, OROC has been disbanded despite the best efforts of Dubbo Regional Council to keep it going.
Mayor's Wellington Column 5 September 2018
When I was elected, I said how important it was that Wellington and the surrounding villages weren’t forgotten so I am thrilled to see so many big projects under way in Wellington.

Last Edited: 19 Sep 2018

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