Mayor's Column

Mayor's Wellington Column 12 December 2018
Councillor Greg Mohr has been busy working with Council’s staff on a town beautification program for Wellington.
Mayor's Column 5 December 2018
The RMS and their River Street Bridge proposal has now gone from being farcical to outright offensive.
Mayor's Wellington Column 5 December 2018
I have been impressed with the feedback from residents of Wellington and the surrounding villages during my recent visits around the region.
Mayor's Column 28 November 2018
A huge thank you must go to our representatives in Canberra, Mark Coulton and Andrew Gee for the role they played in getting the Drought Communities Program delivered.
Mayor's Wellington Column 28 November 2018
I would like to say a big thanks to the Federal Member that represents the Wellington side of the Dubbo Region, Andrew Gee, for a $1 million drought assistance package.

Last Edited: 12 Dec 2018

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