Wellington bicentenary 19 August 2017

Wellington school children prepare for bicentenary celebrations

The Wellington Bicentenary Committee is gearing up to mark the 200-year anniversary of the town on 19 August 2017.

Events already on the calendar for the bicentenary year include the Wellington High School reunion, special Bicentenary bash and an elegant dinner on the Duke of Wellington Bridge.

The bicentenary committee is seeking interest from local families who either live in Wellington today or have lived in the area in the past to buy and plant a tree which will then become a bicentenary avenue.

The Wellington Bicentenary logo was contributed by Alexandra Wright and is bright and colourful and is a modern depiction of the mountains and rivers for what Wellington is well known.

Bicentenary calendar

A special calendar marking Wellington’s bicentenary showing the now and then of the area is available for purchase from .

Along with some great photos, the calendar will also include all events to be held in the area in 2017 that are known to the Wellington Bicentenary Calendar as well as information on when some interesting things occurred in the area in the past.

To include an event in this calendar email the information to wellington200@wellington.nsw.gov.au  

More information

Visit http://www.visitwellington.com.au/events/wellington-bicentenary-1817-2017.aspx


Last Edited: 11 Jul 2017

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